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Fla-Vor-Ice :: Summer’s “Mom-approved” Snack

This post brought to you by Jel Sert. All opinions are 100% mine.

FVI {Fla-Vor-Ice} is summer’s favorite “mom-approved” snack and here is why! Moms who enjoyed FVI as a kid know how great they taste. But smart moms also know that they can feel really good about serving to their kids because FVI is made with real juice and has only 20 calories per serving.

Mom can also confidently hand-out FVI to her kids’ friends because FVI contains no allergens and is such a light snack that it won’t interfere with any meals that their parents have planned for them. The same does not hold true if she serves other snacks like popsicles, yogurt, pudding, fruit snacks or salty snacks.

In addition, at less than 10 cents per serving, FVI is a very affordable snack compared to other snacks. Kids like Fla-Vor-Ice because it is a fun and refreshing treat with great tasting flavors and sizes.

There are Original Fruit Flavors, Tropical Flavors and even a Sugar-Free variety so there's a Fla-Vor-Ice pop for everyone! All are made with real fruit juice - providing a great Fat Free snack for moms to share with their little ones – and their friends!

As a child I loved FVI! My favorite flavor was grape. They are always a hit when our niece and nephew come over for a visit. They are perfect for all of us to enjoy as a pool side snack.

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