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Find the Perfect Wine with the Thumbs Up WineFinder Mobile App

Has this ever happened to you? You are at the market picking up dinner. You head to the wine section to choose a bottle. You are overwhelmed by all of the choices. How do you know how to find a good bottle of wine and not a dud? The Thumbs Up Wine Finder is designed to help people find a great bottle of wine while they are standing in the wine aisle of a major chain grocery or warehouse store. It is so easy!

Joe Gaspardone and Matt Eshoo are the two passionate wine experts behind the Thumbs Up WineFinder. They designed this app because in 2011, there were over 150,000 new wine labels approved in this country. If you go to the average grocery or warehouse store, you are typically faced with hundreds of different wines to choose from. They wanted to help us! The number one issue for the average consumer who buys wine at a grocery store is that they are simply overwhelmed by the number of choices. Count me in! Sometimes I just say forget it and go for some beer! I test drove this app and found it so easy to use. It helped me make a more informed decision about choosing not only a great wine, but a wine that has a great value.

What do I mean by a great value? Take one of the recommended bottles from the app for example. Thumbs Up Wine App gave the 2011 Villa Alena, Moscato d’Asti, Moscato a value of $35, yet it retails for only $15. Why use the retail value instead of a score? Well, is a $15 wine that got an 86 point score any good? Most people have no idea. But everyone understands the meaning of a $15 wine that tastes like a $35 bottle. For the overwhelming majority of wine drinkers, valuing a wine makes more sense because it’s easier to understand, takes the guess-work out of buying wine, and puts the focus on quality. Love it. Oh, and by the way, YES this particular bottle DID taste like a $35 bottle of wine. In other words, it had an outstanding value. It was fantastic. And you know what? If not for this app, I would have passed it right up.

What else should you know about the Thumbs Up WineFinder Mobile App?
  • Only mobile app specifically developed to match buyers with wine while they’re in the aisle
  • Only app with national coverage of over 50 of the largest wine retailers
  • 4,000+ wines professionally reviewed each year
  • Already the #3 most-watched wine channel on YouTube (#1 Gary Vaynerchuk, #2 Wine Spectator)
  • 500+ videos on YouTube
  • 100% original content

One of my favorite features is being able to save your favorite wines. No more will I say to myself, "Now what was the name of that great wine we had last month?" It is right there on my phone. I just pull it up. I can even add notes! Watch the video below for a tour of this great app!

The next time you are in the wine aisle and are feeling overwhelmed, just take out you phone. In just a few clicks, the Thumbs Up WineFinder Phone App goes a long way in helping the average retail customer to be a little more comfortable when selecting a bottle of wine.

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