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Reindeer Hides - The Latest Home Decor Accent Piece

Accent pieces are the key to any well decorated home interior. They are an integral component in creating a unique and individualistic home that is personal to you, as well as functioning to bring the various elements of a room together by directing one’s eyes to a specific focal point. One of the latest trends to show up in home decor accessories are reindeer hides. From rugs to skins to various throws, using reindeer hide to accentuate different areas of one’s home is becoming increasingly popular.

Each individual reindeer skin is always unique with a slightly different texture and coloring, from different shades of grey and brown to whites and off white hues. As a throw, not only is reindeer incredibly soft and luxurious, but extremely warm and also resistant against water damage. A reindeer throw can make a delightful touch tossed over the back or arm of a couch or chair. Take an average looking piece of seating furniture and make it striking by adding this fashionable touch. Another possibility is to use a reindeer hide as a throw on your bed. Not only does this look stunning and bring together your bedroom to focus on the bed, but with their high insulation properties, reindeer hide is ideal for those cold winter months.

Reindeer hides also make very stylish and decorative rugs, especially with hard wood floors. They also make a very cozy nook when laid in front of a fireplace; a delightful place to sit on a cold night in front of a warm fire. Consider laying your rug out in front of a staircase or underneath a chair when it can be broadly displayed.

Another attractive method of integrating reindeer into your decor is to hang a reindeer hide on your wall in lieu of a picture, serving as an attractive piece of wall art. This is a way to bring some tasteful natural elements into your home without needing to add something quite as prominent as a set of antlers on your wall.

Purchasing a reindeer rug from a reputable seller is extremely important. Otherwise, you may find that your hide is not very durable and will shed excessively. Although like any real fur product, some shedding can be expected, with good quality reindeer products any shedding should be minimal.

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