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Moms Love Mombo

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No the Mombo isn’t a dance. Mombo is a special kind of nursing pillow for moms. Why do Moms Love Mombo? It’s because Mombo is the nursing pillow with more to love! Mombo has a unique shape and a two-sided design called Firm2Soft. Each side offers a different experience. The firm side gives essential support for mommy and her nursing baby. The soft side is extra cozy. This creates an inviting place for lounging or tummy time. Mombo is the only nursing pillow with a vibration feature. This will give baby the ultimate soothing experience while lounging. Mombo offers an assortment of pillow styles and slipcover fashions. Select your style from Standard, Deluxe or Nude. Then choose multiple slipcover fashions so you'll always have a spare!

The mombo nursing pillow is thoughtfully designed to create a supremely cozy environment for baby in sweet and heartwarming fabrics that mom adores. The Mombo also incorporates nurturing features, such as ergonomic designs and plush fabrics that pamper mom and baby where it’s needed most.

If you are a new mom or a mom to be, you must check out the selection of Mombo products available. They are well loved by moms so you will need some for yourself too! If you are attending a baby shower, they also make the perfect gift for any mom to be. Mombo products are available at both Toys R Us and Babies R Us. Be sure to like Comfort & Harmony on Facebook. They are the makers of Mombo. Then you will not miss any updates or special offers. Be sure to also follow Comfort & Harmony on Twitter on Twitter.

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