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Lots To Do In Line: Walt Disney World [Book Review]

Remember my review of Lots To Do In Line Disneyland? I am happy to announce a second book, Lots To Do In Line Walt Disney World, available now to assist families while they wait in line at the most visited amusement park in the world. It works much like its predecessor by providing questions, games and scavenger hunts to help keep families happy and engaged for even the longest waits. The biggest difference between Disneyland resort and Walt Disney World resort is that there are even more lines and more people in them. 

Disney Imagineers have gone to a lot of trouble to make Disney lines interesting by packing the queue areas with delightful visual details. Trouble is, most kids and adults are so hyped for the rides that they miss the eye-catching magic on the way to them. 

Author Meredith Lyn Pierce gives us a way to "experience the lines" as opposed to dreading standing in them. Here is how it works, Lots To Do In Line Walt Disney World uses only the visuals and audio Disney and other guests provide to create challenging questions and treasure hunts that keep kids and their grown-ups happily immersed in the Disney magic as they move toward the ride.

To add to the fun, “Lots To Do In Line” players earn one point for every correct answer they pick (the questions are multiple choice) and a point for every treasure they spot, which is why many families get a copy for every member of their group.

A ten-minute wait can transform happy kids into cranky whiners. No wonder then that folks say waiting in line for rides is the single biggest drawback to a Disney World vacation. Author Pierce transforms wait time into fun time by using Disney’s own visuals to create a profusion of games for each ride line. Your eyes and her book are the only tools you need to play.

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