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A Warmer, Happier Home

Have you considered infrared heating? No more boilers, installation pipes or other waste of space. In addition to the initial savings, infrared panels use less energy than electrical heaters. So what do they look like? If you look at the photo above, you will see the picture heaters. The picture heaters combine efficiency and comfort with stylish, eye-catching designs. These infrared heating panels can be wall mounted just like any traditional pictures, making ordinary radiators a thing of the past. Glass heaters are another popular option. The glass heaters are made from high-quality safety glass. Combine that with the sophisticated designs and optimum safety and energy efficiency. Working in a bathroom? Try mirror heaters. Resistant to fog and mist, you can place them in humid areas without any condensation forming on the glass. This will keep your walls and furniture dry and free of mold. The best of all might be the fact that they are 100% maintenance free. At, they use only high quality materials, meaning they are extremely efficient and 100% maintenance-free. There is no need for expensive safety checks and cleaning. This saves you even more money in addition to the very inexpensive running costs. With each panel having a theoretical life duration of about 120,000 hours, these panels won’t need replacing for many years to come.

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