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Top 10 Things I Love About My Tablet #TabletCrew #IntelTablets

I have had my Samsung ATIV Windows 8 Intel Tablet for about a month now. Here are the Top 10 Things that I love about it so far!

1. I love Windows 8.
I have to admit I was a bit skeptical. Windows 8 looked really hard to use. But like everything else, you just need to use it for awhile and pretty soon you will get the hang of it.

2. I can do my work in Microsoft Office.
How many tablets can you open Microsoft Office in? Not many. I need to use it quite a bit for work. Having this program on my tablet is very important to me.

3. I can turn my tablet into a "laptop" and then back to a tablet again.
Just by adding the keyboard and wireless mouse to my tablet, it suddenly becomes exactly like a laptop! But then I can take it off again to have the sleek and thin tablet again. I really like having a choice.

4. I can check my email and social media on a nice and big 11.6-Inch Screen.
I need to stay connected. The screen on my smartphone is great and all, but it really can't compete with an 11.6-Inch Screen! The apps make it easy to switch from email to social media in just a tap.

5. It can entertain me with TV shows or even movies.
I have easy access to entertainment on my Intel Tablet. From TV shows to YouTube videos to movies, I can watch it all - anytime and anywhere.

6. It can help this awful cook be a better one.
I have been using great apps like allrecipes and Everyday Food to help me with my cooking! I even use the allrecipes video app to just follow along with the video as I cook. I am an awful cook so I will take all the help I can get.

7. It keeps me updated with the latest news.
Apps like CNN and USA Today keep me updated with the latest news. I don't watch the news on TV. This way I can just click on the stories that I am interested in.

8. It has become my second screen.
Wait - what is a second screen? Click the link to find out!

9. I can use it to teach my students.
I can walk around my classroom with my tablet and show them things that we are learning about. For example, I can show them a map when we talk about where penguins live.

10. It has the very familiar desktop.
The start screen is great, but I can also switch to the familiar desktop to do my work. This is what I use when I am getting lesson plans ready or writing a blog post (like this one). Then I can easily switch back to the start screen when I am ready.

Do you own a tablet? What is your favorite thing about it?

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