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Frugal Ways to Redesign Your Kitchen

The following is a guest post brought to you by Lisa Steele.

I love to cook. I love planning the meal, going through the cookbook, and making a list of ingredients to pick up at the store. I enjoy the grocery shopping – I always end up finding something special and delicious that I wasn't expecting. (I especially enjoy the shopping part when the Farmer’s Market is open!) When I get home and I bring out the fresh vegetables, and start chopping, sautéing and steaming, the fun really starts.

There is something truly magical about turning an assortment of raw ingredients into a delicious, nutritious meal for your loved ones. The only thing that I do not enjoy about cooking is spending too much time in the kitchen. I get bored of being in the same room all afternoon every day! That is why I decided to slowly redesign my kitchen, to keep things interesting. But redesigning can be expensive, and I don’t have the spare cash to spend all the time. Below are some of my favorite frugal ways to redesign the kitchen.

TIP #1 – Paint the cabinets.
Putting in new cabinets is an expensive and time-consuming endeavor. But that doesn't mean that you can’t make yours look like new and do it on a budget. Many people don’t realize that they can paint their cabinets and give them a whole new look. Head down to the hardware store, buy some primer and a cool color and some brushes and get started!

TIP #2 – Re-purpose your bar stools.

If you have bar stools at your counter, you can easily re-purpose them and make them look like new. Reupholstering is very easy, even for the non-crafty types. Choose a fabric that you like – try something fun! – and cut pieces two inches wider than the space you are covering. Then simply use a staple gun to cover the seat with the new fabric. Voila!

TIP #3 – Put in new hardware.

Another way to frugally update your cabinets is to simply update the hardware. This is a lot less costly than putting in entirely new cabinets, but can make just as big of a difference. You can get your new hardware at the hardware store or at a higher retail establishment. (Anthropologie, for example, has a great selection of knobs and handles, but they are a little pricey.)

TIP #4 – Paint the walls.

Painting the walls is one of the easiest ways to update the whole room by only changing one element. You can hire professionals to do the job, or you can take an afternoon and do it yourself. You will need to take down everything from the walls, cover the floor with a drop cloth and put tape around the edges of the walls. Then you just paint! It’s very simple.

TIP #5 – Install a tile backsplash.

If you really feel like getting creative, consider designing your own tile backsplash. You can do anything you want with it, though you might want to get a professional to do the actual installation. Pick out a large assortment of colors or just a couple. Make sure it coordinates with the other colors in your kitchen by bringing pieces of tiles home to test them before making any commitments.

These are just a few ideas to get you started. Feel free to get creative and make it personal – after all, it’s your kitchen. You are the one that is going to be spending the time in there, so make it a room you love!

About the author: Lisa Steele’s expertise in the home and garden industry stems from her 15 years owning a small design business as well as extensive freelance writing she has done for the industry. When she’s not busy with her two little ones, Lisa loves reviewing design supply companies. Click here for more information.

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