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Social media is wonderful. It has truly connected our world. But do you ever feel like you are overwhelmed by trying to visit all of your social media sites? Insert Not only can you get your social network updates and email messages all in one place, you can also discover personal and work contacts you won't find anywhere else. is a leading social site and people search platform, connecting personal and work contacts, all in one place. Over 60 million registered members and nearly 700,000 active paying subscribers use’s services to find friends, classmates, singles, people to hire and network with, and other valuable connections that you need in your life, all in one place. Members can create a free MyLife profile to see who’s searching for them, whether they are friends or business contacts, then receive ongoing alerts for new connections.

Their mission is to help members find and maintain personal AND work connections, all in one place as they define the Personal Relationship Management (PRM) category. Now you can eliminate the need to visit multiple services and free members can manage communication across the most popular social networks and email accounts securely and conveniently on one simple dashboard. MyLife users can also easily build and monitor one online identity including many profiles, and make personal and professional connections by searching over 700 million profiles, all in one place.