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Cleopatra's Choice Skin Care :: Review

Cleopatra's Choice is a skin care and beauty products company that has a strong belief in beauty on the inside as well on the outside. This has lead to the inclusion of only quality products with the highest standards. Most of her product line is cruelty free, vegan friendly, and helps to promote the culture and well being of the
community it is made in. I reviewed two products from Cleopatra's Choice: Adovia Mineral Lift and Pure Argan Oil.

Adovia Mineral Lift
There are so many benefits of using this product! Here are a few of my favorites.
  • Firms and Tightens skin with a visible lift that can be felt immediately
  • Highly concentrated serum infuses skin with Dead Sea Minerals, Green Tea, Seaweed, Vitamin C and much more
  • Protects skin from pollutants and weather damage that can clog pores and cause wrinkles and breakouts
  • Feeds skin the nutrients it needs to look youthful and naturally beautiful

The Adovia Firm and Lift Anti Wrinkle Duo combines two remarkable products in one anti aging kit that will leave your skin looking and feeling refreshed and revitalized. It is fortified with natural Dead Sea minerals, sea weed and Aloe Vera. This anti wrinkle duo nourishes skin and promotes radiance and rejuvenation. You will look younger, more refreshed, and help prevent the appearance of new lines and wrinkles on your face. Silicon, vitamin A, and other essential nutrients help improve firmness, and elasticity, and overall skin quality. I was impressed with the texture. It just melts into the skin like silk. It is not sticky or smelly which is very important to me. I noticed an overall improvement in the appearance of my skin.

Pure Argan Oil for Hair and Skin
Unless you have been living under a rock, you have heard about the newest miracle oil, Argan Oil. What is it? This all-natural oil comes from the Argan tree and has been praised for the health benefits it can offer to moisturize dry skin and hair. Many individuals are surprised to discover just how many benefits there are while using this product. It has lovingly been called the Tree of Life.

How can it be used? You can use it to condition dry hair, reduce frizzy hair, treat skin blemishes and blotches on the face, just to name a few. You can also safely use this product to help prevent stretch marks and help add elasticity to the skin. The Argan trees are located in Morocco where individuals have realized the multiple benefits that this oil can provide for many different ailments.

Because it is organic, you can safely use it to moisturize and hydrate your skin and nails. It works wonders for the skin and hair as it softens and conditions very quickly. I have used it in several ways. I love using it on my hands and nails. The colder weather is leaving them dry. However, after I use a few drops of Argan Oil, they are soft and smooth and moisturized. Unlike a lotion, the Argan Oil really seeps into the skin and the results are long lasting. I have also used it on my hair on the days when I don't shampoo. It de-frizzes my hair and leaves it soft and manageable. Give it a try!

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Buy It :: The Adovia Mineral Lift is sold for $49.95. The Pure Argan Oil sells for $29.95.

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