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Top 2012 Budget Holiday Destinations

Americans are quite fortunate when it comes to planning a vacation on a budget. With 50 diverse US states to choose from, there's no need to go abroad. Instead, driving or taking a bus to destinations in the United States can be every bit as rewarding as the more expensive option of an airplane flight to another continent. 

Popular destinations usually go right along with high costs, but National Parks can prove the exception. Two of the most popular wilderness areas in the nation are California's Yosemite, famous for its huge granite formations and sheer-drop waterfalls, and Montana's Yellowstone, where hiking trails take visitors past bubbling "paint pots" and geothermal water geysers. At both locations, camping is a popular activity that saves visitors money as it brings them closer to nature.

For East Coast tourists and those who prefer a little more civilization on their vacations, another option is to book into resorts on Lake George, located in northern New York. Lake George features public beaches and weekly summer firework shows, and provides its guests with opportunities to relax, boat and swim as they wish.

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