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How To Create A Great Looking Bedroom For Your Child

Successfully creating a bedroom that a child loves to use is a difficult matter. Consider carefully the following factors.


One of the most important considerations is what to put down as flooring? It should be durable of course, help to reduce sound transfer and be easily cleaned. Carpeting from Carpetone offers a wide variety of choices that are sure to suit every design plan, including vinyl flooring.


Paint, wallpaper, stencils, can all reflect a child’s personality in their private room. Consider plainer styles for younger children that can be made more sophisticated as the child grows. Walls with a neutral color can have lively colored stencils, window treatments, shelving and pictures added as the child grows.


Lights and lamps in the room can be changed as the child’s tastes mature, and the in-room decorations can also be regularly changed. Add a desk for school-age children or a toy box for younger kids. Stick-on ceiling stars that glow in the dark and teach a budding astronomer about the constellations, while an art table may provide a young Rembrandt with an area for personal expression.

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