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Get Your Tocky On for 50% off

I just purchase this little guy for over 50% off. It is the best price I have seen on a Tocky. I am NOT a morning person and I always have anxiety that I will sleep through my alarm. So I am hoping this guy will help. 

What is a Tocky? Snooze-button addicts and deep sleepers are no match for Tocky, the sentient alarm clock from the makers of Clocky that rolls off the nightstand when it's time to wake up. MP3s and personal recordings, such as "get out of bed!" or "help, I'm stuck in a well!" emanate from the clock's speakers as it scurries throughout the room, dodging sluggish slaps and halfhearted kicks. A sensitive touchscreen interface allows for easy navigation, and a vibrant, protective skin lets Tocky perform its duties in any space, from college dorm rooms to the elegant postmodern bunkers inside the earth's core.
  • Jumps from your nightstand
  • Rolls around room randomly
  • Record wake-up messages with built-in microphone
  • Upload favorite MP3 tracks using USB cable provided
Right now it is just $29 for a Tocky runaway alarm clock ($69 list price). 

Choose from the following colors:
  • Aqua
  • Black
  • Kiwi
  • Orange
  • Red
  • White
This Groupon Deal ends soon so don't miss out! This would make a great holiday gift that you can store away too!