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Finding Great Deals For Back To School

Ready… Steady… Shop a virtual adventure! Back to School guide for the 21st Century!!

So the family holiday is over and you have just completed the wash, dry and put away sequence of clothing and now it is time to drag out the old school uniform, bag and accessories for the next big launch – September school! Like every other family in the UK you will frantically be focusing on the centimeters grown and hunting … to distraction for the best deals around to supply the kit for going back to school. This is no sleep over preparation – this is serious expedition stuff!

So what must you keep in mind for the looming departure of your loved ones? Firstly, a decent check list of requirements. Obviously you are going to consider the clothing; school shoes; stationary; pack up boxes; sports gear; musical instruments… but what about those other crisis things that creep up on you after the first day? And also the new things a parent of the 21st Century must now consider?

Have you considered buying an E-reader yet, for supplementary reading and homework activities? Amazon Kindles have an extensive library of materials available and it is worth considering looking at whether there are books available to download which may support your child. In addition, for the older KS4/5 age range – Google Books offer a significant resource of printed school books which may help you save on those costly ‘use at home’ books.

In terms of technology, children are spending ever more time on the internet and working electronically at school – so what are the important considerations? Storage of information is the key – finding a medium that suits both home and school so that you child can keep their information safe. They will use the computer during the term time and they will need to save this information. However, at times it can be difficult for them to remember how to transfer this information from the home machine to school – there are now much better options available but many parents are unaware of these choices.

The time of the memory key has now past as it is very likely that once purchased it will be lost in a week – but have you considered setting up an online storage facility for your child? This is offered free by both Google and Microsoft 365 – and will let them upload their homework or school work? This is a great online tool that offers a wide variety of free tools to write up, analyse and present information allowing access at home and school. The requirement is an email address – and with this you can allow your child to keep all of their work in one place. This is useful as it is stored online and cannot be lost by a rogue incident – the dog cannot eat the homework! Also, if you wish to – you can collaborate on their work and check the progress!

In addition to the online tools there is a huge opportunity to purchase Back to school stuff online. Places to consider are as they offer the clothing, the shoes and the stationary and pretty much everything else. The prices are reasonable and their delivery service is second to none in the UK. But beware of the marketplace sellers as they can add a considerable hike to the postage and packaging. Other items to remember are sporting equipment – the best place online for this is Sportsdirect their postage is very reasonable and at times free. The quality of the goods is varied but you can find some extremely good bargains. For my money, shopping online and avoiding the horrendous queues seems a great strategy for the coming back to school adventure - why not go virtual this year!

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