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Sophie Clean :: All-Natural and Organic Bath Products for Your Little Ones

The following is a guest post by Sophie Clean, LLC.

Hi this is Jaye Anne at Wide Awake, Half Asleep. I am glad to be guest posting here on Put A Little Umbrella In Your Drink about my company, Sophie Clean. As a mom of two wonderful children, I want them to have the best chances in life. For me, that means being as natural as possible because that is what I believe their bodies are expecting. I breastfeed, buy local food at the farmer’s market, and use cloth diapers. I didn't even consider bath time at first. I was shocked to learn that my usual brands had all kinds of chemicals in them that could hinder my babies’ growth and possibly cause allergies. The products are also doing very little to help baby’s skin.

I learned this from the Environmental Working Group’s website, Skin Deep. The same organization that brought us the “Dirty Dozen” and the “Clean Sixteen” of fruits and vegetables rate all the popular health and beauty products on a scale of 0-9 (nine being the worst), and break each product down by its ingredients so each of us can make our own decisions on what we want to put onto our children’s bodies.

When I found this website, I wondered why the typical products are so ubiquitous. I wanted to find the right bath time products for my babies. After much searching, I found many great brands that were 1 or 0, ranked by ingredients on the EWG website. I wanted to share this with all my friends, as well as provide a place for them to buy these types of products. And Sophie Clean was born.

I make a decision on each product to sell it or not. I only look for products whose ingredients rank well and I personally like. I have used everything on myself or my children and have loved it, which is why I have decided to sell it. The next criterion is whether they are US-made products. I look for small suppliers where it makes a difference to that person whether I decide to sell from them. The third rule is no animal testing. Animals don’t use bath products! Why does it matter if they have a reaction? Lastly, I favor companies who show that they give back to the environment in some way. I see it as helping my children along for the future.

And now a little showcase:

One of my favorite soaps is the Boring Goats Goat milk soap. My favorite thing about it is the soap is made right on the farm where the goats live in Boring, Oregon! It has a rich lather and is also very moisturizing, which decreases the need for lotion. There are 5 scents: Oatmeal Lavender, Citrus, Matcha Green Tea and oatmeal, Non-Scents (unscented), and True Grit, which has exfoliating poppy seeds. All of them are scented with essential oils for a “fragrance”-free experience.

The Natural Newborn’s Diaper Defense Spray is one of the best on the market. In case you have not heard of this amazing phenomenon, a diaper spray is a spray-on diaper cream (read: no mess on your fingers!) But wait, there’s more to it! It can also double as a cleanup agent in a pinch. Just find some paper towels or napkins (like the ones I keep in my glove compartment) and you have instant wipes. This spray smells amazing (essential oils, of course) and is soothing to baby’s skin. The application makes it much more comfortable for when baby does have a rash. And like all of our diaper creams, it is cloth diaper-safe.

Sophie Clean is committed to bringing you toxin-free products for your babies, so we also carry some great art supplies! Isabella loves the Veggie Crayons from Sum-Bo-Shine. Made from cocoa butter and vegetable pigments, the stackable crayons fit perfectly in a toddler’s hand. The color is not compromised by using edible ingredients either. They come in 5 colors: red, yellow, green, purple, and blue.

We have lots of other products for baby, and a few for pampering mom. These are only a small sample. I would like to offer a coupon for anyone reading this blog post. Receive 15% off your total order by using the code “umbrella15” at checkout. You can share it with your friends and use it multiple times.

I wish you the best for you and your precious babies!

Jaye Anne

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Sophie Clean, LLC. See my full disclosure.