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My Favorite Memories With My Dad

I am so lucky to have such a wonderful Dad! He was so involved in everything we did from the time we were born and still is. Therefore I have many many fantastic memories with him. I was such a Daddy's Girl! Just look at how I am staring at him in the photo above. This photo speaks volumes of how much I admired him, and of course I still do!

One of my favorite memories with my Dad was when he would take us to the beach! We would travel to Florida quite often and we would have a blast at the beach! My Dad would build sandcastles with us, take us in the water, play Frisbee with us ... he just wanted us to have fun! We had an absolute blast no matter what we were doing. I will never forget those wonderful trips to the beach with my family. My Dad made them so special for us and I am forever grateful for that! 

Another special memory I have is trying to find a spot in my dad's chair. I always wanted to sit with him as we would watch movies, read books or just hang out! Sometimes I even fell asleep right there in my dad's chair. As you can see, so did he! What are your favorite memories with your dad?

Luckily, I have great photos like this one that capture my special time with my Dad. It is so important not to leave precious photos like these stuck in your computer, phone or even on film! Do something with those photos! I took the photo above, which I haven't looked at in years, and turned it into this great Father's Day card! You can too. Just breathe emotion and life into your photos and memories that are currently trapped in their digital world by printing them just for Dad. 

This Father’s Day, let Dad know how much you care. Use your favorite photo memories to create something special just for him. Make it memorable. Make it meaningful. Make it real. Go to

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