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Your Costume Needs A Great Wig

No, it isn't exactly time for Halloween, but think about the costumes you have on hand. Is there something missing? Something that would make them feel more put together? Yes. It is a wig! Wigs are so much fun to play around with. Especially when it comes to Halloween. I happen to own a very cute poodle skirt costume that I am going to wear for Halloween. I could just put my hair in a ponytail and call it a day, but I wanted something that transformed my look. So I got this great 1950s Wig. It is blonde, of course, and it has a detachable headband.

Isn't it cute? It comes with the flip curl and everything. It is going to make my 50s style costume just perfect! Now I can't wait for Halloween! My husband is going to join in on the fun. He has a Thunderbird jacket that he is going to wear. It is going to be a very fun Halloween! The quality of the wig is good considering it is so reasonably priced! This wig sells for just $19.99. It also comes in brown. The detachable headband is a great feature that really changes the look!

You can find all kinds of great wigs and much more at Sexy Costume Discounters. Whether you are looking for a super model wig like the one above, or very sexy costumes at discount prices, look no further! It doesn't have to just be for Halloween. They also have a great selection for men including this Greaser Wig that would go perfect with my husband's Thunderbird Jacket!

I think my next costume is going to be 80s themed. I just love reliving those days of neon and hairspray! Just think of all of the fun possibilities!