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Why You Should Consider A Cruise Vacation

This is about the time when everyone is planning for their summer vacations! My husband and I just LOVE to go cruising! If you have never been cruising, here are some of the MANY reasons you should consider a cruise for your next vacation.

You get to travel to places that you normally wouldn't be able to visit. On this particular Eastern Caribbean cruise, we traveled to the Bahamas. As you can see we visited Atlantis!

We also went to St. Thomas in the US Virgin Islands!

As well as St. Maarten and the most beautiful beach I have ever seen.

You get to stay on a beautiful ship! This is the Carnival Valor.

The food is included! This is the BEST dessert on the planet. If anyone has traveled on a Carnival Cruise, perhaps you are familiar with Molten Chocolate Lava Cake?! We became very good friends on this cruise.

Those are just a few. Not to mention the entertainment, fabulous people you meet, pools and hot tubs, lido decks, drinks with a little umbrella in them (wink) ... there is just SO MUCH to do on a cruise. If you have never been on one I would highly recommend it! You can get some really great deals if you know when to book. Happy Cruising!

Have you ever been on a cruise?
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