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I {Heart} Sophia Grace and Rosie!

Who are Sophia Grace and Rosie you ask? They became YouTube sensations with their cover of the popular Nicki Minaj tune Super Bass. Ellen asked them to be on her show, and the rest is history! In case you missed it, check out the performance that changed their little lives below. The song starts at about 3:30.

Here is another taste of Sophia Grace and Rosie, this time with an original rap! Oh did I mentioned that their YouTube videos have over 100 million hits?! Wow.

They were back on Ellen today and in case you missed it, they got their own billboard!

Oh they are just SO GOOD! I can't stop laughing every time they are on! If you want to check out more, head to Ellen for more Sophia Grace and Rosie segments!

What was your favorite Sophia Grace and Rosie appearance?
I wrote this post for the Blogging from A to Z Challenge. S is for Sophia and Rosie.