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Simplify Your Life :: De-Clutter Your Space

I find that if I de-clutter my space it simplifies my life in many ways. I recently did this in my bathroom closet. Before I de-cluttered, it was full of expired medications, lotions with just a squirt left in them, old makeup ... just a lot of things that I never used anymore. These items were making my bathroom closet stressful. How could that be? Well it took me too long to find what I needed for one thing. Also, just opening the closet and seeing all of the disarray and messiness stressed me out! I decided I needed to simplify my bathroom closet. To do this I just followed these simple steps.

Simple Steps To Help You De-Clutter Any Space
  1. Get rid of things that you no longer use. If the items are still good, donate them. If they are expired, properly dispose of them. Do not keep things that you know you will not use. I repeat, do not keep them!
  2. Find a place for everything. If you know exactly where something is supposed to be, you will find it there. You will also know where to put it back when you are done using it. It also takes the stress out of finding a new place to put it over and over again too. This is how you get and stay organized.
  3. Get some cute organization containers to help you. These do not have to be expensive. I am pretty sure I got the green bucket shown above at a dollar store. Now it holds all of my medications. We just slide it out and we can see what is inside very easily. You can use baskets, jars, cups .. use your imagination!
If you follow these simple steps, you can easily de-clutter any space. This would work for any area of your home. If you keep your living areas de-cluttered you will feel more calm and less stressed by all of the clutter! Trust me - it works!

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