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Luster NOW! :: Instant Whitening Toothpaste

Looking for a way to give your teeth an instant whitening boost? Check out Luster NOW! which was named the “Best of Beauty: The Big Breakthroughs” by Allure Magazine. How does it work? Luster NOW! contains BluveriteTM technology that creates the optical effect of whiter teeth. The results last for hours. This is a perfect solution before a date or a big event like a wedding. Now you can make your teeth appear whiter with Luster NOW! 

I tried Luster NOW! myself and I have to say, I really love this product! I would call myself an impatient person. So teeth whitening was always annoying for me because most systems take days or week to get results. The fact that this product gives you results after just one brushing is amazing. It comes packaged in three tubes so you can keep them in several locations right where you need them. 

You might be surprised when you first use this product. Why? It is bright blue. I mean like BRIGHT blue. It is the color of the tube shown above. But that is what makes it work. The BluveriteTM technology is what creates the optical effect of whiter teeth. However, I would not recommend completely replacing your regular toothpaste with Luster NOW! Here is why. It is virtually tasteless. I like my toothpaste to give me a nice and minty mouth after I brush. So I use this product in conjunction with my regular toothpaste. The results have been wonderful. After using Luster NOW! my teeth feel polished and smooth like after you leave the dentist. They also look white and bright. It really is amazing how this product works in an instant.

My favorite thing about this product would have to be that there is no teeth sensitivity! I have tried products in the past that have made my teeth so sensitive. I hate that feeling! You get none of that with Luster NOW! Instant Whitening Toothpaste. I also love that this product is conveniently available at my local Walgreens or Rite-Aid!

Connect :: You can find Luster Premium White on their website. There you can find their full line of teeth whitening products. You can also keep up with them on Facebook and Twitter

Buy It :: You can buy Luster NOW! via their online store. It is also available at Walgreens or Rite-Aid for $9.99. 

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