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Live Without Worry :: Organization Is The Key!

Ahhh ... a sunset. There is nothing like a good sunset. I like to let my worries just melt away with the setting sun. It is so peaceful. Unfortunately, I only see beautiful sunsets like this when I am on a tropical vacation. Since I cannot be on a tropical vacation every day, I need to find ways to live without worry in my day-to-day life. 

Staying organized is my key to living without worry. I do this in a few different ways. As a blogger, I have many things I need to keep track of. I need to keep track of posts to write, sponsors to email, products to review, winners to contact ... the list goes on and on. Here are a few things that work for me.
  1. I use a weekly planner to keep track of posts I need to write and tasks I need to accomplish. I like the idea of being able to see everything I need to accomplish that week at a glance. I also like being able to take my marker and cross tasks off my list as I accomplish them.
  2. I also use my smartphone to help me remember ideas when I get inspiration. Inspiration can come at any time. I always have my phone with me. It is so easy to just open up the task list on my phone and quickly type in my idea for a great post or a sponsor I want to contact. Then when I have time, I transfer all of these ideas onto my weekly planner.
  3. Finally, I use folders in my email account to keep track of sponsors and contacts. I work with many great companies as a blogger. When I start a new relationship with a company, I simply create a folder for them in my email application. Then I just file all of my emails from that contact into the same folder. It makes it so easy to find important emails.
Without using these techniques, I think I would probably lose my mind. In order for me to live without worry ... I need to make sure that I stay organized. That includes my personal life and my surroundings as well. My surroundings need to be organized and clutter free or I can't think! That is what works for me!

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