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Flowers Show You Care

I was recently asked by my husband why women like to receive flowers so much. My answer went a little something like this.

First of all, flowers are beautiful! They can brighten up a whole room! One thing I love about spring is when all of the flowers in my neighborhood start to bloom. In my own yard, I have some beautiful daffoldils that come up every year! They make my yard brighter with their gorgeous yellow petals.

Next, there is nothing like the smell of a floral bouquet. What happens when a woman gets flowers? First she gushes about their beauty. Next, she smells them. There is a reason why perfumes and body products use floral notes in them! Flowers smell beautiful. When I was growing up we had a lilac bush that grew just outside our kitchen window. When the window was open, it made our whole kitchen smell like lilacs. Now, whenever I smell lilac, it reminds me of my childhood home.

Flowers show you care. When you receive a lovely bouquet of flowers you know that person thought about giving them to you. They chose the bouquet because they knew they would make your day. Think about all of the occasions where people give flowers. From Valentine’s Day to Mother’s Day, you can always find a great reason to show someone you care! Give them flowers and you will literally brighten up their whole day.

Don’t worry, getting flowers for someone you love is so easy! You can even order flowers online. If you want to find beautiful arrangements for any occasion, search for flowers to get ideas. You can do a search to find florists that will deliver to the area you live in. There is even same day delivery available! It could not be easier. The arrangement above is one of my favorites. I love tulips. It reminds me of the flowers that I had in my wedding.

So what are you waiting for? Make someone’s day today. Send them flowers and show them that you care!

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