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Consider Precious Platinum for Your Next Jewelry Purchase

This post brought to you by Platinum Guild International USA. All opinions are 100% mine.
Platinum. Perhaps you have heard of this option when it comes to selecting your fine jewelry. I know when I got engaged it was definitely a very popular choice.  For the first time in recent history, the price of gold per ounce has risen higher than that of platinum! That means that stunning platinum rings like the one shown above are more affordable than ever!
Here are some more great reasons to consider platinum! 
  1. With the value of platinum so high, a woman can choose a platinum wedding band or a platinum engagement ring with confidence, knowing that it will look as beautiful on her 50th Anniversary as it does on her wedding day.
  2. Platinum is a naturally white metal, meaning it will never fade or change color, or need to be dipped or re-plated. However, white gold jewelry needs to be re-dipped about once or twice a year to retain its white color.
  3. Platinum is a naturally white metal so it will not cast any of its own color into a diamond. For example, think about celebrities walking the red carpet who want their jewelry to sparkle!
  4. The density of platinum makes it more durable than other jewelry metals. Fact: The Hope Diamond and the Taylor-Burton Diamond are both securely set in platinum! Fine jewelry retailers like Tiffany and Cartier will only use platinum in their engagement ring settings.
Visit precious platinum for more information on platinum and for some stunning eye candy. My 8th wedding anniversary is coming soon. I am dreaming about a platinum pendant like the one below. Isn't it so beautiful?! What kind of platinum jewelry are you dreaming of?
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