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What's On The Tube? :: Midseason Premiere Dates

TV is starting to get good again! Thank goodness. I was so tired of my empty DVR. It is now time to program new and returning shows for the midseason! Here we go!

January 2
  • Celebrity Wife Swap :: Cool concept. But will the D-List celebrities be enough to hold you attention?
  • It's A Brad Brad World :: I usually love all things Bravo. But I am a huge Rachel Zoe fan so I kind of felt like a traitor watching this. I was not too impressed with the first episode. Maybe it will get better.
  • The Bachelor :: Bachelor Ben returns to the mansion. At first I wasn't sure about this choice for The Bachelor. But the first episode looked semi-promising.
  • Fear Factor :: Cringe. Remember this show where you eat crazy stuff and perform insane stunts? It's back.
January 3
  • Jane By Design :: Oh so very Devil Meets Prada. But I loved episode one! In order to keep her dream job, Jane will have to juggle her life as a high school student with her new job as an assistant to Gray, her demanding boss who expects nothing less than perfection.

January 5
  • Project Runway All-Stars :: Love Project Runway. Kinda bummed there is no Heidi or Tim this time around. But I was happy to see some of my favorite designers come back for a second chance.
  • Jersey Shore :: Yes I watch this show. It is so hilarious. Like a train wreck you have to see to believe.

January 8
  • Shameless :: I did not watch this show last season. But it is getting so much buzz I think I better check it out.
  • The Firm :: From best-selling author John Grisham, the master of the modern legal thriller, comes a new series that picks up 10 years after the events of the 1993 feature film.
  • Watch What Happens Live :: Even more Bravo! WWHL goes to five nights a week! Thank you Andy.

January 10
  • 24 Hour Catwalk :: Four talented designers get the chance to create their own collection for the judging eyes of industry bigwigs. But, they must do so in only 24 hours!
  • Dance Moms :: One of those crazy shows you are not quite sure why you watch but you can't look away.

January 11
  • Are You There, Chelsea? :: Looking forward to this one. I think Chelsea Handler is hilarious. It is based on her #1 best selling book.

January 15
  • Napoleon Dynamite :: Based on the hit film, this animated series that follows the continuing adventures of America’s most awesome awkward teenager and his quirky family and friends as they struggle to navigate small-town life in rural Idaho

January 16
  • Alcatraz :: J.J. Abrams is back (so is Hurley - kind of) with a thrilling new series that follows a unique trio investigating the mystifying reappearance of 302 of Alcatraz’s most notorious prisoners and guards, 50 years after they vanished.

January 18
  • American Idol :: Same as always, tens of thousands of hopefuls from across the nation audition for a shot at stardom. 

February 5
  • The Voice :: Good show. Watch it this season if you missed the last one.

February 6
  • Smash :: The blood, sweat, and tears of the making of a Broadway musical.

February 7

February 12
  • Celebrity Apprentice :: So who's up to getting fired this time around? Victoria Gotti, Teresa Guidice, Dee Snider, Debbie Gibson, Clay Aiken and Arsenio Hall just to name a few. Okay, you have my attention.

What are you most looking forward to watching this midseason?