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Knock Knock Fun Gifts For Your Valentine #LotsOfLove Sponsor Spotlight

It is almost time for the Lots of Love Giveaway Event! It will feature at least $25 or more in prizes on each of the participating blogs! Put A Little Umbrella In Your Drink is co-hosting this event! I am giving away TWO Prize Packages that each have a value of over $200! My next sponsor is Knock Knock.

If you want to get your Valentine something comical, fun and unique for a gift, then you must check out the great gift selection at Knock Knock! To start, check out the 100 Small Favors Tickets. It’s the gift that gives 100 times!

Inside you will find retro-style tickets that the recipient can redeem for 100 small favors. How cute! There are three special golden tickets inside too that can also be redeemed for a bigger favor! Oh, the possibilities!

How about Vouchers For Lovers? These vouchers will express your affection in refreshingly nonmaterial ways. There are vouchers for everything from a “Candlelit Bath” to “End to Argument”. All on the schedule of his or her choosing.

My personal favorite is the Sweet Nothing Nifty Note. I love leaving my husband sticky notes on the bathroom mirror. So these are just perfect! Whether your loved one is headed to the office, the classroom, or on a trip, keep your message short, sweet, and nonverbal. It really brightens up his morning when I leave him a Sweet Nothing Nifty Note!

Finally, we have the Things You Must Do to Make Me Happy Pad. This one is hilarious! You start by checking off when the demand shall begin: yesterday, immediately or from now on. Then you select the item that must be done to make you happy. I mean ... really ... how else will they know what you need?

You can find many many more unique and fun gifts for your valentine, or anyone really, at Knock Knock! One of my readers is going to win ALL of the items mentioned above! This package has a retail value of $21!

Connect: You can find Knock Knock on their website as well as on their fun blog! You can also keep up with their shenanigans {:D} on Facebook and Twitter.