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Cafe Well :: The Social Network to Get Well and Stay Well

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Many companies offer wellness programs. But do these programs really work? Cafe Well is a social network that offers corporate wellness programs that DO work! 
Take Race To The Moon, for example. Race To The Moon is a wellness programs that aims to get members more fit and active by walking or running. The members were offered free wireless pedometers. The pedometers tracked their steps and awarded them for milestones and total steps. In just under one month, the program has participants to have walked over 50 million steps! That is an average of 2.5 million steps a day! Now that is a program that works!
One Race To The Moon participant said, "Because of the actiped, I walk up and down all of the steps at work. Elevator? What is that now?" 
Race To The Moon is just one of the programs offered by Cafe Well. It represents a new breed of fitness program that is more fun, more rewarding, and more effective for consumers. Why? It influences the power and support of social networking with rewards and fun. Social media is here to say and social networking has become a powerful channel that the healthcare industry is just starting to understand how to take advantage of.
If I were to create a health challenge, it would be related to healthy cooking. I am a horrible cook, especially when it comes to cooking healthy meals. Therefore, my challenge would involve trying new healthy recipes, finding recipes that are easy, and using social media to exchange my findings and my results.
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