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My Christmas Tree :: All Decked Out In Candylights!

Candylights has been an awesome sponsor. They have sponsored many events in the past few months. I finally have my Christmas Tree up and I finally got to use my Candylights!

These are the colors that I ordered. So fun and cotton-candy-like!

This is what my tree looked like with just the Candylights. It is also pre-lit so there are some clear lights mixed in. But you can make out the pink and teal lights too!

Starting to add some decorations and ornaments ...

Another angle of the progress ...

The final product! I love it! It looks so lovely and bright! Thanks Candylights!

I always match my wrapping paper to my tree decor as well so check out the cool wrapping paper I am going to use! No, I have not started wrapping yet. But I have my first party this weekend so I need to start!

Isn't it the best wrapping paper? You will never believe where I got it! TJ Maxx! You never know what you will find there. Hello owls. Did you see the owls?!

So that is my Christmas Tree all decked out in Candylights! Be sure to check them out on Etsy, Facebook and Twitter! To learn more about Candylights you can also check out my posts here and here.

Happy Holidays!