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The Replacements :: Chuck :: The Complete Fourth Season on DVD/Blu-Ray

Did you ever feel like you were in jeopardy of being replaced? In episode 18 of Chuck, Sarah worries that the CIA is replacing them with Casey's extremely efficient team, but Chuck considers himself irreplaceable with the Intersect. I know I have felt like Sarah and in 2010 my worst fears came true. In 2010 I was replaced. What was I replaced by? Budget cuts and a bad economy. Yes I was laid off. I had a feeling it might happen when the "talk" of budget cuts started happening. I knew how Sarah felt. It is a horrible feeling. But the worst part about my situation is that it was through no fault of my own! If we were in a better economy right now, I would still have a job. I wish my story had a better ending but sadly it does not. At least we can always count on Chuck for great storytelling with much better endings.

In season four, the geek gone spy is putting everything on the line, available for pre-order here:

I have been hired by Warner Bros WBWord division to raise awareness for Chuck: The Complete Fourth Season on DVD/Blu-Ray.