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#FREE $5 Rebate to Target, Amazon, iTunes or Macy's

I have been signed up with Offermatic for some time now. Basically they offer you deals based on your preferences and you use your card to purchase the deal. Then you get a rebate associated with that deal.

Why Offermatic?
  • Targeted offers - get deals that are relevant to you
  • Offermatic's service is free
  • Offers loaded to your credit or debit cards - no coupons or vouchers
Right now you can sign up and get a FREE $5 Rebate to Target, Macy's, iTunes, Shell or Amazon.

The longer you are signed up - the better the offers. I just got an offer to Costume Express for a $15 Rebate with no minimum purchase! The deals are personalized so you would not necessarily be offered the same rebates as me.

Check it out and get yourself a FREE $5 Rebate!