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Crazy About Chevron

chev· ron noun \ˈshev-rən\
: a figure, pattern, or object having the shape of a V or an inverted V: asa : 
a heraldic charge consisting of two diagonal stripes meeting at an angle usually with the point upb : 
a sleeve badge that usually consists of one or more chevron-shaped stripes 
that indicates the wearer's rank and service (as in the armed forces)

Isn't it just all about Chevron?
I just love all of the ways chevron makes our everyday lives more exciting
with its vibrant diagonal pattern!

Gray and Yellow Zig Zag Crib Bedding from Carousel Designs

Everly Zig Zag Dress by Tobi

Block-Printed Chevron Fabric by Design Sponge

Didn't we all make these back in Jr. High? I know I did.
Get a refresher course from Erica at Honestly ...

Via a makeover at The Office Stylist

All put together for a photo shoot and posted on ada & darcy.

What do you love about Chevron?
Do you own anything Chevron?

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