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Superpoints Invitations :: Earn and Win Points :: Redeem For Rewards {Gift Cards, Electronics and More}

A friend recently introduced me to Superpoints. Superpoints is an invite only reward program where you can earn and win points to spend on rewards. The rewards range from gift cards to iPads. You can participate as much or as little as you would like. Earning rewards is as easy as spinning a wheel to see if you can win some (I won every day since I started) to clicking and opening an email.

About Superpoints
The SuperPoints Network is the fastest and easiest way to earn and win rewards online. Collect points, then redeem them for real-world prizes, like gift cards, brand name merchandise and more. Superpoints is a members-only reward club where users can earn points and redeem them for prizes from gift cards to cars. We reward our members for doing the things they do online every day, like sharing, shopping, searching, and giving their opinion. Superpoints is a members-only reward club. Find a member and get an invite today!
Good News :: I have some invites to share!
Each invite below will only work once. So if you use one please leave a comment with the Invite Number you used so I can remove it. (I won't publish your comment. I am the only one who will see it.) If you try a link that doesn't work then go on to the next one and try that link. If none of them work then leave me your email in a comment and I will send you one. (Again, I will not publish the comment. I am the only one who will see it.)
Okay I Joined. Now What?
  • Confirm the email they sent to you which will activate your account.
  • Spin the wheel everyday for your chance to win points.
  • Invite your friends - the more friends you have the more spins you get!
  • Check your email for free point emails. Just open the email and you get points.
  • Wait for your points to add up then cash them in for gift cards and more. So easy!
The invites above are first come first served and expire in one week so sign up today!