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Seeking Sponsors For Upcoming Giveaway Events

I am participating in several giveaway events in the next few months and I am looking for sponsors. I would love to showcase your business during one of my upcoming events!

How it Works
Blog Giveaway Events are an excellent way for businesses to get their product noticed! I will start by writing your very own "Sponsor Spotlight" post where I will be reviewing your product. I will post an exclusive feature on this blog with links to your website and/or social networking sites to increase traffic and search engine optimization. I do not charge any fee for this service at this time. I will also place your ad in my sidebar for two weeks at no charge. This is your chance to gain exposure from my loyal readers!

Next comes the giveaway. Blog Giveaway Events are very largely promoted by all of the participating blogs in the event. This could be anywhere from 50 - 150 participating blogs. All of the blogs have giveaways that link together and readers enter the giveaway and then proceed to the next one on the list. Every event I have participated in has been extremely successful.

You will be able to add your social media, newsletters, etc. to the entry list. That means entrants will follow you on Twitter. like you on Facebook, visit your shop, etc. as part of entering the giveaway for your prize.

I will set aside time to promote the giveaway once it is posted. As do all of the other bloggers that are participating. I promote through social networks (Twitter, Facebook) and a newsletter to subscribers. I will do daily Facebook and Twitter "sponsor shout outs" leading up to the event. I will also post links to the giveaway on other blogs where appropriate.

Why choose Put A Little Umbrella In Your Drink? 
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Which Events Can I Participate In?
Mother's Day Book Blast
  • April 30th - May 6th
  • Books or book related products only.
Summer Splash
  • May 14th - 27th
  • Any beach or summer related product.
Canadians Welcome, Eh
  • May 21st - 30th
  • Any kind of product.
  • Must be open to US and Canada
Baker's Dozen Giveaway Event
  • June 17th - 25th
  • Baking Related Products
Made In America Giveaway Event
  • July 4th - 18th
  • Product must be made in the US
All of these giveaways require that:
  • The prize(s) and review item(s) must have a value of $25 or more.
  • The prize(s) are family friendly.
  • The sponsor is responsible for shipping the prize to the winner.
Another Way To Be A Sponsor
There is always the option of doing a review/giveaway that is not associated with any kind of event. I have plenty of those going on at any given time. Check out my past giveaways for examples. I am always looking for regular sponsors for those as well! You can read all about those opportunities HERE.

Contact Me
If this sounds like something you are interested in, please contact me at alittleumbrella (at) live (dot) com so we can work out the details. What a great way to introduce my readers to your fabulous products!