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Reality TV Premiere Schedule {September}

Summer is coming to an end. Time for all of the great new fall shows to premiere. Here is what is starting in September in Reality-TV-Land so you can set your DVRs.

I know we are all wondering how Bravo is going to handle the unfortunate events that happened this summer. I am a HUGE Bravo fan and I think {hope} they will handle it with dignity.

The Rachel Zoe Project - September 6
I like, love Rachel Zoe! I can't wait to see all of the shenanigans leading up to baby Skyler. It is going to be ba-nan-as! Plus how is it going to be with no more Brad? Can't wait for this one!

Survivor - September 14
I don't watch Survivor. But for those who do it starts September 14. Nuff said.

Dancing With The Stars - September 19
I see lots of hating going on about the new cast but I like it! I am most excited about Carson Kressley (hilarious), Kristin Cavallari (yes, I watched The Hills), Ricki Lake (loved her talk show) and Rob Kardashian. Although I am not sure he will do well.

The Biggest Loser - September 20
Used to watch this but then it got old. 

The X Factor - September 21
Simon and Paula back together again? Yes please.

The Amazing Race - September 25
This is one of the best competition shows period. Love it.

Extreme Couponing - September 28
People either love or hate this show. I like it for the same reason people like the show Hoarders. It is the EXTREME!

I have been a committed fan of The Real World since season 1 back in New York with Eric and Julie. I have watched every season since. Boy has it changed!

What show are you looking most forward to watching this Fall?