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My Favorite Summer Drink :: How To Make Sparkling Lemonade :: So Easy and So Refreshing

No! Summer isn't over yet people! Don't forget about enjoying some refreshing drinks to round out your summer. Here is one of my favorites that is so so so easy to make!

You will need a lemon lime soda and some lemonade. My favorites are shown here but use what you like!

Put some ice in a glass and fill it about 3/4 way with the lemon lime soda.

Then fill the rest of the way with the lemonade and stir. At this point I also add a tad bit of sugar because this kind of lemonade is quite sour.

Add a slice of lemon and a little umbrella and you are all set! Enjoy!

Now go get some sun before autumn gets here! Don't forget your sparkling lemonade!

P.S. Of course you can make this "spirited" by adding some vodka. Cheers!