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So Many Choices For Baby Cribs

It is so fun shopping for baby cribs and I get excited about creating a baby room. I have always dreamed of having a baby room full of white furniture. Then I found this Sorelle Cape Cod french white version at baby crib station where they sell baby cribs and more. I think it is a nice option for someone like me who wants white furniture. It just looks more sophisticated then bright white!

I would love to do a french white crib with this amazing chandelier baby mobile option. Chic Spaces for Little Faces posted all kinds of awesome baby mobile ideas!

I also really like idea of convertible cribs. What a great idea for someone who wants to get value out of their baby furniture. Convertible cribs allow you to go from crib to daybed to toddler bed with just one furniture purchase. Some options even turn into full size beds when you get optional conversion rails. I like how resourceful this option is so I am thinking about that option as well. 
I really like this DaVinci Kalani cherry convertible bed. This set comes with a changing table and toddler rails. Cherry is a nice color option for a boy's room. It also goes well with some of the color combinations I am thinking of for our baby room! 

I love this color combination with a cherry crib. Lime green is one of my favorite colors. I would work for a boy or a girl! Shopping for baby furniture is so fun and it is good to know I have so many options when we are ready!