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{Review & Giveaway} Learning Link Technologies Complete Online Course (ARV $600) - Enhance The Building Blocks of Learning In Your Child

I was approached by Learning Link Technologies to review their learning program designed for students with learning disabilities. You may or may not know that I am a teacher. I teach regular ed to K-3 students. Therefore, I was interested to see what this program was all about. As a teacher, I am constantly introduced to new ways to help struggling students. I received the At-Home Program on DVD to review.

What is Learning Link Technologies? (from the website)
Learning Link Technologies was founded by Lisa Harp, an educator, certified teacher, learning disability specialist, and educational therapist for over twenty years. After observing how difficult school can be for students with learning problems, Lisa began independently researching learning disabilities and how to effectively treat them. She also received training in vision therapy and brain integration therapy. Lisa has brought this knowledge and experience to Learning Link Technologies by creating a system that has been proven to help struggling students. This system is now available to families through both book format and video format so that all students have the chance to succeed academically.
Our program was developed over the past twenty years and includes the following:
Weekly brain retraining that rebuilds neural passages in the brain

  • Daily and weekly sensory building activities
  • Easy to understand instructions
  • Workbooks for independent activities
  • One hour weekly sessions
  • 20 minute daily sessions
  • Weekly lesson plans that are laid out for anyone to understand and use
  • The tried and true formula for success that helps students achieve grade level success

The problem: Students are presented with the same material that did not work in the first place. Nothing has been done to correct the problem.
The solution: A holistic approach to learning goes to the source of the problem and corrects it. 
  • Young learners are under tremendous pressure. Presenting these learners with more academics just adds more pressure
  • Key abilities for learning success must be met
  • Before academic skills can be learned, the student must be able to learn
  • The brain has plasticity and with easy exercises new neural pathways can be formed
  • The brain takes in information from the senses
  • If there is a problem in one of the sensory areas, then a breakdown occurs
  • By combining brain and sensory activities, the student learns how to learn
  • Academic success is then met
As I was reviewing the DVDs I was impressed to see how many cognitive skills and concepts were being exercised. Not only cognitive skills, but the program also addresses visual processing, auditory processing and eye-hand coordination. It was evident that Lisa Harp really thought through all of the processes a learner utilizes and created a very easy to use system. I did not have a student to test this system on. Therefore, I can not make any claims or testimonials. You can find testimonials from other users on the website. Other resources included on the website include Free Dyscalculia Testing as well as a Dyslexia Test. I will definitely utilize some of the exercises from the DVDs, although I do already have plenty of resources available within my school system. However, if you are a homeschool family with a child that could be facing a learning disability, neuro-sensory educational therapy could be just what you need.

Buy It: You can purchase the 12 month At-Home Program on DVD for $70 a month. You can also purchase the 12 month Online At-Home Building Blocks Program for $50 a month.

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