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New TV Stands Are More Design Friendly

Remember those enormous TV stands of the past? They were so big and so heavy. I am happy that TV Stands have gotten much more design friendly. The flat screen TV revolution has certainly helped. People now want an inviting living room with an attractive TV stand.

If you know where to shop you can find many TV stands on sale when you shop for one online. I like this Nexera Pinnacle TV stand in black. It is small, simple and would go with any type of decor. This particular stand is 44% off. I love finding a great deal!

If you have a small living space, then a corner TV stand may be for you. I like this one by Sauder. Depending on the placement of your furniture, placing your TV stand in the corner can also allow for better TV viewing. You will want to check out the TV viewing in all seating areas to determine the best placement option for your TV stand. I also like how a corner TV stand allows the TV to kind of blend into the wall and not stick out. These cabinets are nice a low allowing the viewer to be at eye level with the TV. They also offer some nice storage options which hide your DVR, Blue Ray player and gaming consoles.