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She Bop ... I Mean She Hops {Top Ten Tuesday}

I am linking up with Top Ten Tuesday over at Oh Amanda!

So today I am going to continue my blog post from yesterday
and list my Top 10 Favorite Albums of the 80's.

As I said this is part two.
So you need to read my post from yesterday to get #1-4.

Here are the rest:

#5 Arena - Duran Duran
I can't even begin to imagine how many times I listened to "Hungry Like a Wolf"
I remember I saved up my allowance so I could buy this album from K-Mart.
It was the 2nd cassette I ever owned.

#6 Tiffany - Tiffany
Out of the Blue - Debbie Gibson
Okay so I put two together. But they go together! 
They may have been rivals, but to me their co-existence on the radio was bliss!
Oh to be a pre-teen in 1987.

#7 Kick - INXS
This is when I started liking a little less pop and a little more rock.
I still listen to this album quite often. A classic.

#8 Hangin' Tough - New Kids on the Block
If you could have only seen my bedroom wall in 1988.
It was covered in NKOTB. Especially Joe!

#9 Faith - George Michael
Every song on this album is good. I love it when that happens!

#10 The Joshua Tree - U2
To this day, U2 is my favorite band.
Let us take a moment and admire Bono on the roof singing 
"Where the Streets Have No Name" - sigh. I heart Bono.

What are your favorite albums from the 80's?