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I Like Totally Love the 80's :: My Awesome Retro Print :: My Top 4 Albums of the 80's

I recently won this FABULOUS print from Lisa Barbero
Isn't it just like, totally awesome?

She even customized it to albums I wanted from the 80's.
I have very fond and specific memories for each of these albums.

#1 Like A Virgin - Madonna
I most remember how amazing it was to watch the music videos from this album.
Who can forget the Material Girl video with all the men in suits dancing around her?
"We are living in a material world and I am a material girl."

#2 She's So Unusual - Cyndi Lauper
My friends and I made up a dance to She Bop. It was so much fun.
We played it and danced over and over.
"She Bop - He Bop - A We Bop"

#3 License to Ill - Beastie Boys
The Beastie Boys started the whole rap thing for me.
I remember singing Paul Revere with my friends on the elementary school playground!
You were really something if you knew all the lyrics like I did. Guess what? I still do!
"Now here's a little story I got to tell ..."

#4 Thriller - Michael Jackson
Who can forget Michael Jackson? This was the first cassette tape I owned.
I listened to it over and over.
Wow what a music video that was! Who else tried to copy the dance?
"It's close to midnight. Something evil 's lurking in the dark."

Ah, the leg warmers, jelly bracelets, higher-the-better-bangs, John Hughes movies, different colored Converse sneakers, banana clips, it was an amazing time wasn't it?

But wait ... there's more!!
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What are your favorite things about the 80's?