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The Blogging Buddy Network: Meet The Blogettes

I recently found The Blogging Buddy Network through Blogelina.
Blogelina will connect you with a small support group of bloggers for FREE!
The groups encourage each other and support each other's blogs.

Let me tell you I lucked out because these ladies rock!
Guess what? You get to meet them right now!

Meet Mandie, owner of Taking Time 4 Mommy

At Taking Time 4 Mommy you will find lots of great deals, freebies and giveaways (there are six going on right now)! Mandie also owns the Time 4 Mommy Community which you MUST check out! The Time 4 Mommy Community is just *full* of great resources on everything from food to frugal living to books! Don't worry you don't have to be a mom. It is so easy to use and it is such a super friendly community! It is great because you can join up with the groups that interest you! If you join up tell her I sent you!

Meet Theresa, owner of It's A Mom's World

If you are interested in "living off the grid" then you must visit It's A Mom's World. Theresa blogs about green living for the whole family. You can find everything from healing uses for herbs to teaching children how to act responsibly in the environment. Did you know Dandelions make great medicine? No? Me either! Theresa did.

Meet Amber, owner of Wellness With Diabetes

Amber has had diabetes since she was 7 months old. She decided she wanted to share her experiences about diabetes so she started Wellness With Diabetes. Amber focuses on finding natural alternatives for those with diabetes. For example, she has teamed up with Life Force International Wellness Products. She also has two giveaways going on that you should check out!

Meet Ashley, owner of And The Little Ones Too

Ashley is a cloth-diapering, baby-wearing mom that loves to do reviews and giveaways of products and books. In fact, there is a cloth diaper giveaway going on there right now! And The Little Ones Too is doing a great guest post series called "A day in the life of a ______ mom" featuring moms from all walks of life.

I hope you will take a minute to visit their blogs!
Remember to check out The Blogging Buddy Network 
and the Time 4 Mommy Community to make new bloggy friends of your own!