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I {Heart} Bravo.

Yes, Bravo, I will watch what happens.

I love it all: The Real Housewives of {any city}, all things Bethenny, I love me some Jeff Lewis and Zoila, Kathy Griffin, etc. etc. and now I love the all new Pregnant In Heels.

Bravo to Bravo for keeping me coming back for more and more. Okay I must insert here that I wasn't "flipping out" about The Real Housewives of Miami. That just seemed very thrown together and I don't think those ladies even fit. It seemed like they forced themselves to get together at those boring learn how to cook parties. Obviously, yes I still watched it. But if I was Andy Cohen, I would not bring it back for another season. Even the reunion was a joke. And the reunions are usually must see TV for me anyway.

I am so excited that I now get to watch The Real Housewives of New York (starting Thursday) which I love, The Real Housewives of OC (the original baby), Bethenny Ever After, and Pregnant in Heels all airing right now at the same time!

By the way Bravo - cutest pic ever!

Andy if you are reading this and I am sure you are {chuckle}, I wish you would bring back 9 By Design and Kell on Earth. I loved those shows! What happened? And Kathy, oh dear Kathy, how I love you so. I will miss your Life on the D-List more than I care to admit! I hope you keep doing specials, but I will miss watching your quest to be an A-Lister. PS - You already are!

So thank you Bravo. You are the absolute go to entertainment choice for this reality TV junkie. :D