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How To Get Cash Back When You Shop Online

If you follow these steps every time you shop online you will save and make money! Interested? Okay, here we go!

Step 1: Find a Deal

Retail Me Not has thousands of coupon codes for 65,000 stores listed in an easy to find search tool. Just search for the store you want to shop at. For this example, let's use Macy's. After a quick search, I found a code for 25% off my purchase. It tells me the code is 25OFF. Write it down.

Step 2: Visit your favorite Cash Back Site and find the best deal.

My favorite cashback site is Ebates. Here is how it works. 
  • Before you shop online, go to the Cash Back Site first. For our Macy's example, I found that Ebates was offering 5% back.
  • Find and click on the Macy's website through Ebates. 
Step 3: Decide what you want to buy and enter the coupon code you found in your cart.

Let's say our Macy's purchase was $100. The coupon code we found will save us 25% so our total is now $75. Complete your purchase. Make sure you don't click out once you have clicked in through Ebates. Wait until your transaction is complete.

Step 4: Wait for your rebate!
  • You just made 5% of $75. It may not seem like much now, but trust me it will add up FAST!
  • You will get a rebate from Ebates every three months. The rebates will add up fast. The rebate will go right to PayPal or you can have a check sent to you. 
It is so easy and I have saved - and made - a lot of money shopping this way. I hope you found this useful! Happy Shopping! :D