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Jeunesse Global Makes Staying Healthy Easy to Achieve

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Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis are certainly no strangers to success. Randy Ray made his name in the computer industry, creating a $300 million hardware and software empire. Wendy Lewis spent a portion of her life working to understand the needs of customers in the health industry. These two individuals first started working together to form Automated Medical Systems Consultants. Wendy served as both President and Director of Customer Operations of this business. Combining their knowledge and skills, Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis began working on a new company. This company would be named Jeunesse Global, launching in 2009. Jeunesse Global was created to help their customers live a happier and healthier life.

Jeunesse Global creates a wide range of health and beauty products for consumers. This company makes many types of popular supplements. In certain situations, it's understandable to want a quick supplement solution. With that in mind, Jeunesse Global created two products designed for those with busy lives. These supplements are both in gel-form, making them extremely easy to consume on the go. You won't need mixer bottles or a spare source of water, everything is in a convenient pouch.

Reserve is a supplement that's designed to help promote wellness of both the body and mind. There are many beneficial ingredients in this supplement including resveratrol. This ingredient strengthens your immune system by delivering antioxidants throughout the body. In addition, resveratrol has been shown to help improve how the eyes function. Reserve also contains a mixture of fruits including grapes, blueberries, pomegranates, acai, and sweet dark cherry. Not only do these ingredients make Reserve taste great, they're extremely beneficial. These fruits increase the number of antioxidants in Reserve, ensuring this supplement helps you to live a healthier life.

Many people feel like they don't have enough energy throughout the day. Life often moves at an extremely fast pace, making almost anyone feel occasionally worn out. This is why Jeunesse Global came up with a supplement known as M1ND. This lemon meringue flavored supplement is designed to help improve many aspects of how someone mentally functions. In turn, those using M1ND are often able to notice an increase in focus and memory. This is due to M1ND's ingredients which include GABA, l-theanine, and CERA-Q. Best of all, CERA-Q has been backed by several clinical trials which prove this ingredient can help support a better memory. Like Reserve, M1ND is also available in a pouch, making this product incredibly easy to consume.

To summarize, Jeunesse Global creates a wide range of products designed to give customers a happier and healthier life. Two of these products are known as Reserve and M1ND. Both available in pouches, these supplements don't require any mixing or other types of preparation. That being said, this is only a small amount of products offered by this company. Currently, Jeunesse Global continues to help enrich the lives of their customers. In addition, this company partners with a wide range of global vendors. Considering that, the future is extremely bright for the company known as Jeunesse Global.

Pixi Beauty MatteLast Liquid Lip

Oh Pixi, girl, you have done it again! They always send me the latest and greatest to share! So without further ado, from fabulous collaborations to lovely lashes and liners to sensational skincare, here is what is new, cool, and pretty from Pixi Beauty!

Let's just take a moment to appreciate this presentation. Pixi's pr packages are on point! They sure know how to make a girl feel special. Now on to what was inside. MatteLast Liquid Lip is a rosehip oil-infused formula that hydrates the lips, yet somehow setting to a matte veil. The result is a Pixi perfect pout of full-on beautiful color.

Choose from 11 stunning shades! From L to R above: Au Naturelle, Bare Beauty, Matte Beige, Pastel Petal, Really Rose, Evening Rose, Peony Pink, Prettiest Pink, Orange Red, Real Red, Berry Boost It would be difficult to pick a favorite but ... Pixi Beauty did this super cool #PixiByMe campaign with this product!

We were sent pots of color and were asked to create our own Pixi perfect shade of her new matte liquid lipstick! So I worked my magic and this is what I came up with. It is like a purply-mauve and I love it for fall. What do you guys think? Even if I don't win this sweet contest, it was so much fun to mix it up!

Back to the actual shades you can buy, I love the formula! It gives you this all day color that is somehow hydrating. The colors are universally flattering and wearable, and they apply smoothly and uniformly in a single stroke. Pixi MatteLast is extremely long-wearing and comfortable.

The unique PixiPetal applicator provides an even and precise application. Gently exfoliate lips to smooth and condition. Then outline lips with the point of the applicator. Apply a thin layer to clean bare lips, allowing the color to set. It quickly sets to a matte veil while leaving lips hydrated. A new Pixi fave!

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Lookfantastic Beauty Boxes

Get ready to pamper yourself with lookfantastic beauty boxes! Each box contains six products from lookfantastic's favorite brands. You will also receive the latest copy of ELLE magazine alongside the exclusive lookfantastic beauty box magazine, filled with tips, tricks, and the latest beauty trends for the season.

The September beauty box was a special one indeed. This birthday box celebrated lookfantastic's 4th birthday! Stand out products included the Omorovicza Ultramoor Mud Mask and the Aromatherapy Associates lavender peppermint bath and shower oil

The peppermint helps to calm nervous tension and soothe digestive problems while the lavender boosts your immune system and helps to relieve headaches. It is so luxurious! Another stand out brand included in this box was Eve Lom. Speaking of Eve Lom ... lookfanstic offered an entire special edition beauty box featuring all Eve Lom products!

This limited edition beauty box featured six best-selling products from hero skincare brand Eve Lom, including three full-size products! Eve Lom is designed to target your skin’s concerns with effective formulas that treat your skin at the deepest level; delivering visible, radiant results!

My favorite of the included products is the brightening cream. Hyperpigmentation has long been an issue I struggle with. Eve Lom white brightening cream corrects pigmentation, while also rebuilding and restoring the dermis, defending skin from pollution and UV rays. I also love the kiss me lip treatment!

Have you ordered your lookfantastic advent calendar yet? Shop today so you don't miss out on this holiday beauty tradition! It is the ultimate countdown to Christmas! Featuring 25 magical beauty treats, this premium collection contains a show-stopping line-up of the best products from the beauty industry.

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PUR energizer Nano Solutions Skin Infuser

I have tried so many anti-aging devices throughout my time as a blogger. However, I have never heard of anything quite like the PUR energizer Nano Solutions Skin Infuser. This waterless system uses a natural polymer found in almost every cell of our bodies. By linking it with Phospholipids, Ceramides, and Sphingolipids, this one-of-a-kind technology enhances the absorption of key ingredients through the skin’s defense wall. This will plump the skin to soften the look of wrinkles using cutting-edge natural technology.

The complete anti-aging kit uses ultrasonic technology to transform your targeted nano solutions into tiny, potent nano-vapor. This allows it to penetrate deeper into the skin - deeper than any normal serums could go. It creates fresh liposomes right at the time of application, which enhances the delivery system of each individual ingredient, maximizing it's benefits and working synergistically with your skin's natural lipid barrier.

So this anti-aging device can reduce the signs of aging in only seconds per day? I'm in! Just choose your targeted nano solution and drop it into the tank. Then turn on and hold the device 1" away from the face. Mist all over face for 60 seconds. Allow to dry and absorb. Follow with moisturizer. That's it!

The kit I received included three targeted nano solutions. Max Brightening Nano Solution was created to improve overall elasticity and lighten dark age spots. It contains the firming benefits of hyaluronic acid and the whitening benefits of Vitamin C. Max Defense Lift & Firm Nano Solution delivers a powerful team of anti-oxidants to enhance natural skin recovery, fill in wrinkles, and minimize the signs of aging. Magna Moisture Anti-Aging Nano Solution will invigorate the skin’s natural barriers and double hydration via electrolytes, leaving the skin feeling cool, refreshed, and radiant.

I have really enjoyed using other products from PUR attitude, and the Nano Solutions Skin Infuser did not disappoint. The fine mist feels great and really adds a glow. Using your choice of an anti-aging solution under moisturizer just makes sense. Why wouldn't you utilize technology to penetrate targeted solutions deeper into the skin? Learn more at

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October Halloween Themed Essential Oil Recipe Box

Simply Earth is an essential oil company is on a mission to make it fun and affordable to create a natural home using essential oils. They make it easy by providing fun recipes to help you with your essential oil journey. This way, you will never get confused or overwhelmed by how or when to use them.

You can receive your Simply Earth essential oils via a themed monthly essential oil subscription box (you know how much I love subscription boxes)! Every month, you'll receive 4 full-size 100% pure essential oils. Each box also includes 5-6 easy to make essential oil recipes. Once you subscribe with my code, ALITTLEUMBRELLAFREE, you will also receive a free big bonus box every six months. This box is packed with everything you need to create six month's worth of recipes (and then some)! Click HERE to see what I received in my big bonus box.

There is a new theme each month and the October theme is all about Halloween! Time to get spooky with all the treats in this month's box. Use the included four essential oils (Citrus Burst Blend, Energy Blend, Rosemary, and Cinnamon) to create six recipes!

Lift your spirits with the included easy inhaler recipe. With just a few drops, you will feel refreshed even after a long day. You will need 1 drop Rosemary Essential Oil and 2 drops Citrus Burst Essential Oil. Both of these are included in your monthly box. You will also need an inhaler which was in my big bonus box. (see below) Once you have added your oils, plug one nostril, and place applicator into the open nostril. Inhale deeply. Repeat with other nostril. Enjoy respiratory support and calm.

Creepy crawlers are everywhere. Having candy in your pantry will lure them in. That's why Simply Earth included a recipe for an all-natural repellant to keep them out. Did you know that Cinnamon can be used as a pest deterrent? It's a natural way to make your home pest-free. Simply fill an empty sachet bag with cotton balls. Add 10 drops of Cinnamon Essential Oil. Close the bag and place it in your drawers or hang in your closet to discourage pests.

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See it. Stream it. With the Google Chromecast Streaming Media Player.

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Are you looking to save money by cutting that cable cord? It is not as difficult as you might think. In fact, streaming your entertainment just got easier with the Google Chromecast Streaming Media Player.

Compatible with your existing HDTV, the Google Chromecast Streaming Media Player easily connects to high-definition televisions with HDMI connectivity. It allows you to expand your home entertainment without buying a new TV.

Plug Chromecast into the HDMI port on your TV and to power and stream your favorite entertainment right from your phone with just a tap. Enjoy TV shows, movies, videos, songs, games, sports and more from over 2000 apps like Netflix, YouTube, YouTube TV, and HBO NOW. Web-based services and content require high-speed Internet service. Some services may require a subscription.

Available at Best Buy, Chromecast is designed to make the most of the apps and entertainment already on your phone. Shows, movies, live TV, YouTube, photos and more. It’s all just a tap away from all of your family’s devices.