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How a Teacher Prepares for Cold and Flu Season + Giveaway

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I am around sick kids all throughout cold and flu season. Those germs are everywhere and I do whatever I can to make sure myself and the kiddos stay as healthy as possible. So how do I do that? There are a few things I make sure to do year after year to get through this sniffly, sneezy, and yucky part of the season.

Eat healthy foods. Especially at breakfast. Make sure to get some vitamin C in there as well as immune boosting nutritious food!

Wipe down everything with antibacterial wipes. I do this twice a week during cold and flu season. Wipe down the desks, the chairs, light switches, and doorknobs. Get those germs out of the room as much as possible.

Encourage healthy habits. I encourage my students to cover their mouths when they sneeze or cough and to wash their hands often. I also encourage parents to be mindful of sending sick kiddos to school. My school nurse has a rule of thumb to keep kids who have a fever or who have been vomiting home for at least 24 hours.

Renfro Socks

You can find socks for everyone from brands like New Balance, Dr.Scholl’s, Carhartt, Fruit of the Loom, and more at Renfro! Discover a sock for all sizes, seasons and special needs with the most popular name brands featured all in one place.

This is where you find those practical gifts that you know everyone needs. I found my husband some Carhartt Cushion Steel Toe Work Boot Socks. He has owned Carhartt socks in the past, so we know how well they perform. They are fully cushioned with resilient acrylic fibers in the foot and top to deliver extra protection. He is in work boots all day, so I know that his boots will be as comfortable at the end of the day as they were before the work shift started.

Socks make great stocking stuffers for the whole family. Fruit of the Loom offers every kind from ankle socks to crew socks and beyond. You can search by gender, silhouette, activity type and more to find the perfect pair for everyone.

Get socks for everyone on your list where it is easy to shop with just a click!

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The Gift of Sleep with a Nectar Mattress

I have been sleeping on a Nectar Mattress for a full six months now. I can safely say that this is the most comfortable mattress ever. Simply put, Nectar is a better bed for a better price. You spend a third of your life in bed, so why not be as comfortable as you can possibly be? That's Nectar.

Nectar is healthier to sleep on, firmer for support, softer for rest, and a touch bouncier than other premium memory foam mattresses. The top layer of quilted memory foam stimulates airflow beneath the body, while the Tencel fabric wicks away heat. My husband and I both love it because you get the support of a firm mattress with the comfort of a pillow top. Somehow the combination of layers and materials allows Nectar to both contour and support your body. It's like you get a giant hug each time you lie down.

Temperature control technology prevents overheating and medium-firm memory foam provides the perfect support. I seriously love this mattress. Nectar arrives directly to your home, compressed, and in its own protective carrier with handles for maneuvering upstairs and around corners. It was so simple. My husband and I had it placed and ready to go in no time at all.

Not sure? Especially if you are getting Nectar for a gift, you can try a Nectar mattress risk-free for a full year. If you are not 100% happy, they will pick up the mattress for free. So that is equivalent to a 365 Night Sleep Trial! Sleep matters. They give you a whole year to rest better. Oh did I mention that shipping is free too?

Nectar is exceptional in quality and service and best in class materials. I have been enjoying my Nectar mattress for a whole six months and I wonder what I ever did without it. I fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, and have no aches or pains when I wake up. It is pretty amazing. Learn more about Nectar mattresses and see for yourself!

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The Touchpoint Solution

My next gift guide suggestion is something a bit different. Stressed out? Can’t sleep? Having trouble focusing? Something that might be worth a try are called TouchPoints. TouchPoints are non-invasive neuroscientific wearable devices that use something called blast technology to relieve stress in as few as 30 seconds.

How do they work? Two TouchPoints devices need to be worn on your wrists, held, or clipped to clothing. This is because they use Bi-Lateral Alternating Stimulation Tactile (BLAST) technology transferring alternating vibrations to alter the body’s Fight, Flight or Freeze (F3) response to stress and anxiety and to restore homeostatic nervous system functioning, allowing you to think clearly and experience calm.

Who might benefit from TouchPoints? Anyone. They are an effective, accessible, and affordable solution to overcoming stress, anxiety, focus issues, enhance performance and sleep. There have also been reports to help cope with conditions such as Parkinson's, Autism, ADHD. I am not a doctor and I do not make any of these claims. This information came from TouchPoints. But I do feel that something this simple might be worth a try if you are coping with any of these conditions. You never know what might work.

What did I think? Well, I did have one TouchPoint that would not work properly, so I was sent a replacement. I do not like how you have to wear two of them to make it work. But I do appreciate that you can wear them in pockets, shoes, or someowhere besides your wrist. Getting past that, I noticed that the vibrations made me focus less on what might be bothering me at the moment. I found the vibrations to be calming.

The fact that these devices are non-invasive, drug-free is what I like the most. Also, they have shown great success not only for day to day anxiety and stress, for cravings, to promote restful sleep, deal with anger, and help us to focus and therefore increase performance. So I feel they are worth a try!

Who wouldn’t want your significant other, close friends, family members and even kids more relaxed and less stressed? This could be the gift that keeps on giving throughout the year as everyday pressures, workloads, social situations, and family dynamics. It beats the alternatives that we might use to alleviate these issues.

TOUCHPOINTS are featured in my 2017 Holiday Gift Guide

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Dermelect Nail Remedy Gift Set

Soft, weak, brittle or acrylic/gel damaged nails? Then you or someone on your gift list needs the Nail Remedy Kit from Dermelect. Unlock the true potential to successfully grow your own natural nails longer, stronger, and healthier. This is an anti-aging nail regimen that is the first to utilize protein-peptide technology to hydrate, protect and strengthen nails.

Similar to multi-peptide technology for the treatment of aging skin, the breakthrough ingredient provides a unique delivery system of protein-peptide directly to the nails. If the elements, acrylics or aging have taken their toll on the look of your nails you can now restore and recover your nails to their natural strength by utilizing this simple step by step program with this 4-pc nail care set.

The nail remedy set includes mini sizes of the Immaculate Nail Cleanse Prep, Launchpad Nail Strengthener, 'ME' Peptide-Infused Nail Lacquer in REDiculous, and High Maintenance Instant Nail Thickener. This combination has truly made my nails stronger and healthier.

How do you use this set?
  1. Prime: Brush on Immaculate Nail Cleanse Prep.
  2. Treat: 1-2 coats of Launchpad Nail Strengthener (Base Coat).
  3. Polish: 2 coats of 'ME' Peptide Infused Color Lacquer.
  4. Protect: 1-2 coats of High Maintenance Instant Nail Thickener (Top Coat).

The Dermelect Nail Remedy Kit makes a great gift for anyone who wants healthier, stronger nails! Connect with Dermelect on Facebook and Instagram.

Dermelect is featured in my 2017 Holiday Gift Guide

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7 Charming Sisters Jewelry

7 Charming Sisters is not just another jewelry store. They create 7 distinctive collections of jewelry based on the style and tastes. Do you have someone on your list who is the "girl next door," "fashionista," "social butterfly," "super-mom," "classy chick", "sexy nerd", or "life of the party"? Every woman will be able to find style inspiration, whether that style is boho chic to classic elegance.

They are founded on the principle of fun, diversity and a girly-girl vibe, and they provide customers with fabulous jewelry, perfect for all personalities. Ready for a charming and fun online lifestyle experience? Fabulous with a side of fun? Then ready, set, shop!

I picked out this set of bracelets with tassels. How cute are they? The White Whispers Bracelet is a stackable bracelet with pink and teal tassel pendants on each individual bracelet. These bracelets will add a classy touch to any holiday outfit. That pop of color is just what I was looking for.

They are made with beautiful, marble-like cracked glass beads and have the added fun of the golden beads thrown into the mix. The teal and pink tassel pendants finish off these bracelets.

Looking for necklaces? A necklace can completely transform an outfit, and the right necklace will keep you looking beautiful. From statement necklaces to layered necklaces and chokers, they have carefully designed and curated a range of women’s necklaces that will add that sense of flair that will keep your outfits on point.

I picked up this stargazing necklace (above) which is no longer available, but the floral bib necklace shown below is similar. This pink and black floral collar necklace with stone and crystal petals is a hybrid of hard and soft that fashionistas will love. The on-trend marble like stone elements add an edgy contrast to the soft blush petals. The chain around the back of the neck is a lovely twisted style.

Something else I saw that I loved was The Zoey Ring (below)! This stacked crystal ring has just the right amount of funk and feminine. Can you believe it is only $17? I love the affordability and the quality of 7 Charming Sisters.

Browse by accessory or by lifestyle, however you peruse the wide selection of fashionable jewelry at 7 Charming Sisters, you are sure to find something for everyone on your list!

7 Charming Sisters is featured in my 2017 Holiday Gift Guide

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Pop Culture + Cozy Socks = Hot Sox

Continuing with my love for socks as gifts, check out Hot Sox. Hot Sox specializes in unique blends of pop-culture and art. Whether you’re looking for classic patterns, the latest fashions, crazy designs or unique dress socks, Hot Sox has you covered.

Fun, unique, designer socks make great gifts because you can really choose the perfect pair for each person on your list. They are not only cute, they a comfortable as well. These are premium novelty socks that you can get in more patterns than you can imagine!

Any foodies on your list? Get them some foodie socks. Perhaps deserts or cocktails or even pizza or french fries!

Men are so hard to shop for, so these socks for him make it easy. Whether they love pool, are a handyman, or enjoy their brewskies, he will love each pair handpicked just for him.

To the opposite, we have some very girly socks for her. Roses and shopping bags and cupcakes? That sounds about right.

Who loves animals? Kitties, pandas, several kinds of dogs, llamas, sheep, do you know someone who would love a pair of animal socks?

They didn't forget about those trendsetters on your list. You can spot trendy socks all over social media and someone would just love a pair to snap for their selfie.

You can even find sports themed socks for him. Golf, boxing, football, darts, they have them all!

So what did I pick up? Well, I had to get some teacher socks of course. Hot Sox incorporate all school essentials; from books and apples to pencils and rulers. I also got the cute pina colada socks shown below as well as some peach socks! I love them all!

Right now you can get 3 pairs of Women's Fashion Socks for $15! No code needed. As always, enjoy Free Shipping on orders of $45 or more! Click below to start shopping!

Sweet Novelty Socks For Men and Women from Hot Sox

Hot Sox is featured in my 2017 Holiday Gift Guide

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