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K. Bell Fun + Fashionable Socks

Truth? I love funky socks. The funkier, the better. Socks do not have to just be practical. They can make a statement too. So was I excited to work with K. Bell? You betcha. K. Bell specializes in fun and fashionable socks for the whole family. Whether you need basic socks or fun specialty socks, they have your toes covered.

When socks are fashionable and fun, they can make great gifts too. Novelty socks can be that perfect pick for someone based on their personality. Example? Cat lady gets cat socks. Football fan gets football socks. Bicyclist gets bike socks. Get it?

So which socks were perfect for me? Let me just start by saying that there were so many freaking cute styles to choose from, so this was no easy task. The first pair I chose was Just Make Up Crew Socks because I am a makeup geek. Then I chose the I Am Always Right Crew Socks because I am. Finally, I also picked the Tropical Drinks Crew Socks because, duh. I love my socks! They are so cute and so comfy. But most important to me, they are fun to wear.

K. Bell has socks for everyone. Donuts anyone? If someone on your list really loves socks like I do, you might want to consider a monthly sock subscription! They will get fun and exciting new socks delivered directly to their door all year long. Now that's the gift that keeps on giving.

Which socks are your favorite? It is hard to choose, I know.

K. Bell Socks is featured in my 2017 Holiday Gift Guide

Connect :: Visit to check out all of their fun and fashionable socks for the whole family. You can also connect with K. Bell Socks on Facebook and Twitter.

Buy It :: Check out the K. Bell Holiday Gift Guide for fun sock ideas for everyone on your list.

Funktional Wearables Activity Tracker Accessories

Funktional Wearables creates stunning and unique accessories designed to protect and enhance your Fitness Activity Tracker. Their accessories and jewelry work for products from Fitbit, Jawbone, Garmin and all other major brands. Funktional Wearables help you stay fashionable, while also staying fit and healthy.

I have a Fitbit Charge 2 so I wanted something to make it more fashionable. They make it easy to find the perfect accessory because you can search by activity tracker. There were so many options! But I finally decided on the protective frame covers for Fitbit Charge 2. I received rose gold, silver, and gold. 

This gorgeous activity tracker box perfectly frames your Fitbit Charge 2, protecting it and turning your tracker into a gorgeous piece of jewelry! The metal frame accessorizes the tracker screen so you can check your progress throughout the day. It is easy to attach. Just open the frame piece and place the Fitbit in the opening with the screen face up. Then line up the frame against the Charge 2 screen and close from top to bottom. Snap it shut and you are done!

Everyone wears an activity tracker these days, so an accessory for it would make a perfect gift. You just have to know what kind of activity tracker they have, and you are ready to shop. Choose from necklaces, bracelets, frames, and more! 

Funktional Wearables is where fitness meets fashion. Which activity tracker accessory is your favorite? Pick up one for yourself and one for a gift!

Funktional Wearables is featured in my 2017 Holiday Gift Guide

Connect :: Visit to check out all of their accessories and jewelry for fitness trackers. You can also connect with Funktional Wearables on Facebook and Twitter.

Buy It :: You can purchase the Protective Frame Cover for Fitbit Charge 2 in a Bundle Pack for $30.

MIU COLOR Glass Water Bottles

Anyone on your list could use a shatter-resistant eco-friendly glass water bottle! I have definitely been trying to stay away from plastic, so these glass water bottles are perfect. I received two to try and I love them both for different reasons.

The first glass water bottle has a unique design. It has a wide-mouth, making it easy for adding ice or fruit! It also has a graduated silicone sleeve so you know how much water you are consuming. The non-slip silicone sleeve offers a secure grip, insulation, and protection. It comes in two sizes, 30 oz and 24 oz. I love the carrying handle too!

Now for the one on the right. This one is slimmer and taller. It still offers a wide enough mouth for easy filling, pouring or drinking out of and cleaning. Both glass water bottles are made of borosilicate glass that’s BPA, PVC, and lead-free. This won’t change the taste of drinks and won’t leach nasty chemicals. They are not only healthy for you, but for our planet as well.

We all need to stay hydrated. So which MIU COLOR glass water bottle will you be putting under the tree?

MIU COLOR is featured in my 2017 Holiday Gift Guide

Buy It :: You can purchase the Large Glass Water Bottle and the Wide Mouth Glass Water Bottle for $17 each.

Nautica Men's Fragrance Gift Set

The Nautica fragrance gift set truly draws inspiration from the essence of the water and the currents of the world. The nautical style is iconic, yet imaginative, and so are these fragrances. Any man on your list will love this 3-pc fragrance gift set from Nautica.

He will have a smooth-sailing holiday with three classic scents from Nautica. The men's gift set includes a .5oz Eau de Toilette Spray in Nautica Blue, Nautica Voyage, and Nautica Classic. At less than $25, he will love the coastal-inspired variety.

Nautica Blue opens on notes of juicy pineapple and sweet peach, reminiscent of a sunny day on the beach. Subtle and refined, middle notes of water lily give way to a masculine base, made up of rich sandalwood notes. Nautica Voyage is an airy, watery fragrance that opens with a refreshing burst of green apple and green leaves. A heart of mimosa and lotus and a base of cedar give the scent a woodsy finish. Nautica Classic opens with invigorating notes of bergamot and lemon oil, giving way to a softer heart of sage. It also has a mysterious side made up of base notes of rich sandalwood and warm amber. I honestly don't know which one I like the best. They are all fresh and masculine.

Nautica is featured in my 2017 Holiday Gift Guide

Buy It :: You can purchase the Men's Nautica Fragrance Set for $22.

Adidas Dynamic Pulse Men's Fragrance Gift Set

Any man on your list will love the Adidas Dynamic Pulse Gift Set. It is such a great deal for the price. At under $20, you get a 16.0 oz Body Wash, an 8.4 oz Body Wash, a 4.0 oz Body Spray, and a 3.4 oz Aftershave! The value is pretty hard to beat.

The products in this men's gift set have a sporty scent. Clearly dynamic, this fragrance fuses the freshness of mint, the force of aniseed and the warmth of cedar leaves. Trust me, you will like it as much on the guy as he will. The bottom notes are a refined cocktail of woods boldly blends with exotic tonka and tobacco notes. My husband really likes it.

The clean and aromatic fragrance includes peppermint, so the Adidas Dynamic Pulse set delivers a burst of rejuvenating power for the dynamic, self-confident man. What a great gift idea!

Adidas is featured in my 2017 Holiday Gift Guide

Buy It :: You can purchase the Adidas Dynamic Pulse Men's Fragrance Gift Set for $16.

Meori Foldable Boxes

Why not choose a gift that is not only practical but can also serve as the gift wrap? That's Meori. Meori creates foldable storage boxes for the active lifestyle. They are stylish and functional for organizing the good life and life's adventures. For storage, organization, shopping - these clever, colorful boxes go from home to the car to the great outdoors, then wipe clean, and fold up tight.

What I love about Meori foldable boxes is that they can go anywhere and hold anything. You can use them as standing storage or use them to carry your stuff! In three simple steps, Meori foldable boxes go from slim stowaways to durable boxes with reinforced handles, capable of storing and carrying up to 65lbs. So keeping one in your trunk at all times makes perfect sense.

Meori’s collection includes a full range of foldable boxes in assorted sizes, with stylish color and pattern options. You can even add accessories designed to extend foldable box functionality, including shoulder straps, dividers, and coolers! Wine storage anyone?

I received the classic large box in Hibiscus Red Dots. This color is perfect for the holidays. I plan on using it to "wrap" my parent's gift this year. Then, of course, they will end up with a practical foldable box that they can use for anything!

The boxes are made of high-grade, tear-proof, dirt-resistant polyester and will hold up to 65 lbs. so load them up! When unfolded, you will get two compartments each with elastic mesh pockets. Spill something? Don't worry. You can wipe it clean with a damp sponge.

Perfect for this holiday, Meori is one simple idea with infinite uses. This makes it the gift that fits everyone!

Meori is featured in my 2017 Holiday Gift Guide

Connect :: Visit to check the full range of foldable boxes in assorted sizes. You can also connect with Meori on Facebook and Instagram.

Buy It :: You can purchase the Meori Classic Collection Large Foldable Storage Box for $35.

Orbit Yard Enforcer Motion-Activated Sprinkler

Does someone on your list love home gadgets? Orbit home gadgets bring smart yard technology to homeowners, landowners, and farmers across the globe. They enable conservation through innovation.

Tired of critters wreaking havoc in your yard? Are they eating or destroying your garden, flowers, or other yard vegetation? In our yard, the problem is opossum and rabbits. My husband has tried all kinds of things to keep them off our lawn. Of course, nothing else has worked. I can't wait for spring to give this a try.

The Yard Enforcer is a motion-activated sprinkler that combines sound, water, motion and ingenuity as a defense to one of your most precious assets: your landscape. They deter deer, birds, cats, dogs, skunks, opossums, and other similar pests and animals without hurting them.

Three Detection Modes
The exclusive Detection Mode feature allows you to control when the Yard Enforcer is activated. You can use them only during daylight hours, or, for protection 24/7, select the ‘always on’ mode. Only want to protect the yard at night so it doesn’t spray human visitors during the day? The ‘night only' mode will do just that.

Expandable Spray Zone
The Yard Enforcer has the ability to increase the water enforcement area by connecting additional impact sprinklers (sold separately), via the dual flow-through ports controlled by the valve. Another option is to increase the protected zone with additional Enforcers that can be linked together through the flow-through outlet.

Superior Coverage
The powerful infrared sensor can detect intruders from up to 40 feet away and has a wide viewing angle of 120 degrees, that’s 1600 square feet of protective coverage from a single unit.

One Smart Sensor
The Yard Enforcer has a passive infrared motion sensor that detects animals from up to 40 feet away, even at night, to give you maximum protection, and its intelligent sensing technology learns the difference between animals and tree limbs blowing in the wind to prevent overwatering.

Adjustable Line of Sight
Position the sensor and sprinkler in the direction of where the pest enters the yard to chase them away before they reach the plants and landscaping you are protecting. The sensor unit can be angled down for smaller animals, or angled up for larger animals and birds.

Doubles as a Sprinkler
The Yard Enforcer has a 30-minute watering cycle that enables it to function as a timed sprinkler. Protect the yard without the hassle of having to switch out the Enforcers for a sprinkler every time the lawn or garden needs watering.

When it comes to deer control – as well as control of birds, cats, dogs, skunks, opossums and other similar pests and animals – don’t hurt ‘em, just squirt ‘em.

Orbit is featured in my 2017 Holiday Gift Guide

Buy It ::
You can purchase the Orbit Yard Enforcer for $80. All Orbit products can also be purchased through retailers like The Home Depot and Lowes.