February 19, 2015

Celebrate Award Shows with M&M's

M&M's® are such a classic part of any award show celebration in my house! Even while we are just watching movies, we very frequently set up a popcorn bar with several kinds of M&M's to sprinkle on top of the warm popcorn. It is the perfect match! 

What makes a great awards show celebration? You need great snacks, cute decor, and fabulous friends. For Hollywood's biggest night, our popcorn bar will feature M&M's Milk Chocolate, M&M's Peanut and M&M's Crispy. That's right, I said M&M's Crispy. Back by popular demand, M&M’s® Crispy returned to shelves in January 2015. M&M’s Crispy feature a delectable, crispy center covered in rich, creamy milk chocolate, enclosed in a colorful candy shell. This crispy and delicious treat comes in a new, eye-catching, bright green bag.

For my Oscars party, I set out three flavors of M&M's in small movie themed popcorn bowls. Then I used some free awards party printables that I customized and used as labels. You will be ready to party as soon as the celebrities hit the red carpet. Speaking of the red carpet, Red has a few Red Carpet Tips he would like to share with you.

Oh Red, you always know just what to say. M&M’s® is commemorating the biggest night in Hollywood by debuting a commercial on national TV that shows M&M’S characters invading the movies. Look for Red, Yellow, and the rest of the M&M's as you are enjoying the Oscars!

M&M’s and movies go together perfectly and are an ideal match for enjoying an award show or movie-watching experience. My favorite M&M has to be M&M’s Peanut. Fun fact: M&M’s® is passionate about quality peanuts, and only 1 in 100 peanuts is lucky enough to find its way into a bag of M&M’s® Peanut. With their colorful candy shells and delicious flavors, M&M’s make any special occasion sweeter.

The classic M&M’s® Milk Chocolate candies have been one of the most loved chocolate treats in the world since 1941. The bite-sized pieces of chocolate in a colorful candy shell are instantly recognizable all over the globe.

Please share your favorite awards show snacks and traditions using M&M’s in the comment section of this post!

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  1. Crispy M&Ms are my favorite!

  2. I'd never heard of eating m&ms and popcorn together. Tried it ... love it!

  3. this look delicous never had m& m's popcorn

  4. I love M&M's - they are my #1 choice when it comes to movie snacks or just a chocolate-craving snack! I've never had the crispy M&M's though!

  5. I love m &m's! no need for popcorns!

  6. I never would have thought of popcorn and M&M's together but now I'm off to mix some up and see if I like it !!

  7. I would never have thought of mixing popcorn and M&M's together but I have to go now and see if it's any good !!


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