January 29, 2015

Lovely Looks from the Sweetheart Shop

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Want to express your love for standout style this Valentine's Day? ModCloth's Sweetheart Shop is your perfect match! From heart-printed pieces to charming trinkets and treats, the Sweetheart Shop is filled to the brim with gifts and garb you'll adore. Don't let these hard-to-find pieces be the ones that got away! Here are my favorite picks from the shop.

Craft Cocktails Dress in Coral
Your intricate blends of liqueurs are as renowned as your style - like the perfect coral lace dress! From its scalloped V-neckline to its flowing chiffon skirt, this short-sleeved frock makes you feel like the most elegant mixologist as you measure and stir.
Shoe Better Believe It! Heel
Fall head over {heels} in these Mary Jane heels from Poetic License! Drawing on vintage details with their perforated silhouette and floral applique, these leather, candy-apple pumps are a dreamy delight.

My Lip Lot is Poppin’ Crayons in Evening
Blend these babies until you get that perfect kiss me shade to compliment your outfit. Your vivacious, brightly hued smile impresses everyone you meet - and luckily, it’s easy to keep your pout in tip-top shape with this vibrant trio. Boasting a light peach scent, these moisturizing lip crayons arrive in three distinct, matte shades - adding just the right pop of captivating color!

Love is in the air, and ModCloth all the gifts and garb to help you express your romantic side! Head-turning dresses, heartfelt trinkets, and even sassy lingerie awaits in the Sweetheart Shop. Whether you want a low-key Valentine's Day look, a sultry ensemble, or just to wear your heart on your sleeve (literally!), the Sweetheart Shop has your perfect match.


  1. What a cute store! I'm totally in love with its items, especially Envisioning the Evening Dress.

  2. I'm not a huge fan of pink but these are cute!

    -anita (ashlee)

  3. these are very cute(: I would love to try the lip crayons! I have never heard of them(:

  4. I love the colors! The dress is adorable!

  5. i love the colors how nice and beautiful


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