January 29, 2015

Lovely Looks from the Sweetheart Shop

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Want to express your love for standout style this Valentine's Day? ModCloth's Sweetheart Shop is your perfect match! From heart-printed pieces to charming trinkets and treats, the Sweetheart Shop is filled to the brim with gifts and garb you'll adore. Don't let these hard-to-find pieces be the ones that got away! Here are my favorite picks from the shop.

Your intricate blends of liqueurs are as renowned as your style - like the perfect coral lace dress! From its scalloped V-neckline to its flowing chiffon skirt, this short-sleeved frock makes you feel like the most elegant mixologist as you measure and stir.
Fall head over {heels} in these Mary Jane heels from Poetic License! Drawing on vintage details with their perforated silhouette and floral applique, these leather, candy-apple pumps are a dreamy delight.

Blend these babies until you get that perfect kiss me shade to compliment your outfit. Your vivacious, brightly hued smile impresses everyone you meet - and luckily, it’s easy to keep your pout in tip-top shape with this vibrant trio. Boasting a light peach scent, these moisturizing lip crayons arrive in three distinct, matte shades - adding just the right pop of captivating color!

Love is in the air, and ModCloth all the gifts and garb to help you express your romantic side! Head-turning dresses, heartfelt trinkets, and even sassy lingerie awaits in the Sweetheart Shop. Whether you want a low-key Valentine's Day look, a sultry ensemble, or just to wear your heart on your sleeve (literally!), the Sweetheart Shop has your perfect match.


  1. What a cute store! I'm totally in love with its items, especially Envisioning the Evening Dress.

  2. I'm not a huge fan of pink but these are cute!

    -anita (ashlee)

  3. these are very cute(: I would love to try the lip crayons! I have never heard of them(:

  4. I love the colors! The dress is adorable!

  5. i love the colors how nice and beautiful


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