September 1, 2014

Lavanila Vanilla Grapefruit Fragrance :: Review

Lavanila provides beautiful and luxurious products that are 100% good for you. Dedicated to this purpose, they deliver a new generation of 100% healthy products that are formulated with the highest quality natural and organic ingredients and completely free of harsh chemicals. I already told you about the yumminess that is Fresh Vanilla Lemon. Now, I also had the chance to try Lavanila's Vanilla Grapefruit scent.

Mmmm ... Vanilla Grapefruit. This sparkling citrus scent will to take you from summer to fall. It smells exactly like vanilla and grapefruit. What a concept, right?! This addictive blend of juicy pink grapefruit, fresh lime, crisp cedarwood and warm Madagascar vanilla is fresh and inviting. Kissed by sunshine, this unique scent lifts the spirits. Yet, the warmness of the vanilla is perfect for when the temperatures get a bit cooler. I am really enjoying this uplifting fragrance.

The Healthy Fragrance Collection from Lavanila is both luxurious and addictive. Each all-natural fragrance starts with a warm base of Madagascar vanilla and layers on a unique blend of pure essential oils for an exquisite expression of nature that capture a mood, a memory or a moment in time. Hailed as the World’s First Healthy Fragrance, organic sugar cane alcohol is infused with skin saving antioxidants for a modern twist on the classic art of perfumery.

Connect :: Visit to view all of the scents in The Healthy Fragrance Collection. You can also find Lavanila on Facebook and Twitter.

Buy It :: You can purchase The Healthy Fragrance for $58. The Healthy Fragrance is available in Vanilla Grapefruit, Vanilla Summer, Fresh Vanilla Lemon, Pure Vanilla, Vanilla Lavender, and Vanilla Blackberry.


  1. This sounds great. I love these two scents. Thank you for sharing with us.

  2. i love lavanila fragrances-i've been using them for years. They smell great!

  3. I always love the smell of vanilla but not sure if it combined to grapefruit!

  4. I like this combination,very different.

  5. Love Lavanila, but I haven't smelled the Vanilla Grapefruit scent. Sounds like something I'd like though!

  6. not a huge fan of the vanilla scent. but would love to try it and check out

  7. like vanilla fragance for the every day
    and the chocolate one....

  8. no a huge fan of the vanilla scent but would love to try the body butter

  9. I Hope you are Having a Great Thursday! I am an Aromatherapy Fanatic; if it Smells Good than I want it! I Don't Buy Anything Unless I Smell it First, especially Beauty Products! I Have Not Tried this Perfume but Vanilla is One of My Favorite Scents, that and Lavender! I Think I Would Really Like this Fragrance & I bet the Grapefruit in it is Energizing & Refreshing! I Would Definitely Like to Try this Out! Thanks & Have a Blessed Day! Jana

  10. I have been wanting to try this.Sounds delightful!

  11. I've smelled all the fragrances from this brand because I love vanilla and I must say, the original is my fave! - Jenn

  12. Interesting that this is the first healthy fragrance. Antioxidants that can do good things for the skin is definitely a positive for a fragrance. Thanks for review!

  13. Ooh, vanilla-anything scent is always good to me, but this sounds absolutely wonderful! Thank you for recommending this (:


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