August 4, 2014

What Is My Husband NOT Allergic To? #TrendyCards #CollectiveBias

Hallmark, BuzzWorthy Cards, #shop, #TrendyCards

My poor husband. He is allergic to just about everything. Sometimes he will get these seasonal allergy attacks that will last a whole 24 hours. The last attack happened last week while we were on vacation in Boston! He just sneezed and sneezed and sneezed all day long. I felt really bad for him. Especially since this was his dream trip to Boston. He just turned 40 and I surprised him with the trip! He is a huge fan of the Boston Red Sox and he is also a huge history buff. So put those two things together and you get a trip to Boston! Luckily, we can both laugh about his awful allergy attacks. When I saw this BuzzWorthy Card from Hallmark, I knew it was perfect.

Hallmark, BuzzWorthy Cards, #shop, #TrendyCards

He loved it! I can assure you that he is NOT allergic to beer. These cards are so hilarious! I found them in two places at my local Walmart. They were in a special "funny zone" section, and also on an endcap. There were so many hilarious cards and I really had fun browsing. These cards fit our humor perfectly, but the allergy card was as if it was made just for my husband!

Hallmark, BuzzWorthy Cards, #shop, #TrendyCards

Some of my other favorites are listed below. The sayings are just so random, which I happen to think is hilarious. It is almost like scrolling through Facebook and seeing those random one liners on a funny photo. BuzzWorthy Cards from Hallmark would be perfect for your besties, your significant other, or anyone who loves to laugh out loud!

Hallmark, BuzzWorthy Cards, #shop, #TrendyCards

The cards above would have also worked because I am always joking with my husband about watching golf on TV. I just don't get it. Never will. It is the most boring thing to watch, but yet, he does. We also smirk at each other when we use public pools. I mean, you know what really goes on in those things, right?!

Hallmark, BuzzWorthy Cards, #shop, #TrendyCards

Speaking of water and beer, the other card I purchased also happened to fit in quite well with my theme. We were one of the 400,000 residents of Northwest Ohio who were not able to consume our water this past weekend. The algae blooms in Lake Erie released toxins into out water system, making it undrinkable - yuk! So this card above about conserving water by drinking beer was also a hit! See what I mean? Very funny cards.

Hallmark, BuzzWorthy Cards, #shop, #TrendyCards

The stores in our area had a hard time keeping up with the demand for bottled water. This is what the store shelves in Northwest Ohio looked like this weekend. No water? No worries. I mean, you can brush your teeth with beer, right? Just kidding. Kind of.

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